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Study Shows High-Performance Dev Teams Fix OSS Vulns 26x Faster | Press Release


Automatically Identify Open Source Risk in Your Applications  

Scan your application and know your risk.

Scan an Application

Examining your own application does not expose your source and binary code in any way.

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Deliver Secure Applications at Scale



Open Source Powers Federal Software Development

Open source and third-party components are the foundation of mission-critical applications in Government, but often contain security vulnerabilities.



Understanding What’s in your Supply Chain is Critical to National Security

Federal Agencies should be able to generate a software bill of materials to identify all open source within an application to continuously manage risk and enforce open source policies across your entire software development lifecycle.

Federal Agencies Need Automated Open Source Governance


Create a Secure Development Environment

Enforce open source policies within the developer’s IDE and SCM tools and quarantine bad components with an OSS firewall.


Detect Unknown or Unauthorized Components

Automatically generate a software bill of materials to identify open source and third-party libraries used within your software supply chain.


Implement Change-Detection Mechanisms

Continuously monitor applications for new open source security risk and resolve quickly with expert remediation guidance.


  • “Open source components underpin a vast majority of our most mission-critical applications. As we work to build, maintain and update these applications, we must also ensure that we are using the highest quality open source components at every stage of the development cycle. Sonatype helps us do exactly that."

    — Program Manager, DOD

  • “Open source governance has to work with developers and security practitioners alike; not against them. With Sonatype, we’ve eliminated thousands of hours of manual processes and created automated controls that have improved productivity and reduced risk across the board.”

    — DevSecOps Lead, US Civilian Agency

  • “The days of exemptions in an attempt to speed up the development process is over. Many of the challenges and risks we face today are because of our own doing. By removing a vast amount of the manual human process, we can focus on secure governance and consistency across the enterprise. Our first steps into this journey have already proven fruitful reducing our ATO times.”

    — PMO Office, US Government Customer

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