Open Source License Compliance
Software For Eradicating Risks

Manage your software licensing risk with opens source compliance management software built into your development lifecycle.

Unite teams against open source risk

Get the open source license compliance your team needs to mitigate violations—in less time.


faster assessment of open source license risks


reduced exposure to legal risk


reduced remediation time for license concerns

Enforce policies automatically

Your teams decide together what level of risk your company is comfortable with. With the right open source compliance management software to automatically enforce policies early and everywhere across the SDLC with few false positives or negatives—no manual review required.

Protect against legal risk from open source license obligations. An example is the GPL license which requires public disclosure of source code. 

Use open source legal software to protect against the risk that your software can be exploited in ways that are harmful to your business or customers.

Protect against risk from low-quality components. Sonatype uses a variety of metrics to assess quality including age and popularity.

This is a catch-all category to protect against any other kind of risk, usually related to organizational priorities. One example could be ownership of a component.
"It was essential for us to choose solutions that not only helped us with compliance, but offered easily sustainable and agile long term processes that would not burden staff."
Monika Liiikamaa
Director of CrossKey Card Solutions

See license obligations at a glance

  • Access the most comprehensive database
    Review at a glance all license obligations including extended data like copyrights, notices, and license texts from a user-friendly dashboard.

  • View license requirements in depth
    Analyze individual license risks with vetted open source legal software and use our legal workflows to resolve obligations, copyright, and other compliance issues. Save and reuse resolution reports when complete.

  • Generate an attribution report
    Automatically collect, compile, and report the necessary attribution data of the components in your application to quickly comply with open source license obligations.
Apache 2.0 License Obligations
"Many companies choose to ignore open source licensing compliance, but verifying and validating intellectual property to avoid potential licensing conflicts is essential at Progress."
John Goodson
Senior VP of Products, Progress

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Build fast with centralized components.

Intercept malicious open source at the door.


Reduce risk across software development.


Simplify SBOM compliance and monitoring.