Sonatype Uncovers Millions of Previously Hidden Open Source Vulnerabilities

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Simplify SBOM compliance
and security monitoring

How to manage SBOMs

We’re bringing Sonatype’s best-in-class component scanning and vulnerability data together with market-leading SBOM management support to provide procurement, regulations compliance, and security teams with the tools they need to manage SBOMs for their software and the SBOMs they receive for third-party software.

SBOM Management about DevSecOps

Best Practices for DevSecOps

Future-proof your organization and become sharper in your development, security, and compliance posture.


Audit-ready Compliance

Import and retain every SBOM iteration for unparalleled insight and demonstrate meticulous record-keeping to readily address compliance inquiries at any time.

Sonatype Data right in your SBOMs

Bring Sonatype’s best-in-class component scanning and vulnerability data to bear on your ever-evolving SBOM management needs.

Peace of Mind

Control your entire software ecosystem with world-class SBOM management that pinpoints every component, vulnerability, and potential risk.

Sonatype SBOM Manager

Available as a stand-alone offering or as part of Sonatype Lifecycle, simplifies the cataloging and ongoing monitoring of SBOMs.

SBOM Management

Best Practices for Developers

Take the uncertainty out of SBOM collection and monitoring compliance.


Generate and Import

Generate both CycloneDX and SPDX SBOM formats, import them from third-party software, and analyze them to pinpoint components, vulnerabilities, and policy violations.

Store and Maintain

Store and tag all your SBOMs, including original and augmented SBOMs per application version with a streamlined VEX-based SBOM management workflow allowing continuous monitoring, automated alerts, and actionable dashboards sharing remediation guidance.

Search and Report

Quickly search based on applications or tags. Create customized reports and easily distribute them internally or externally.
“By 2026, at least 60% of organizations procuring mission-critical software solutions will mandate software bill of materials (SBOM) disclosures in their license and support agreements, up from less than 5% in 2022.”
Dale Gardner
Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

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Sonatype Nexus Repository

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Sonatype Repository Firewall

Intercept malicious open source at the door.

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Sonatype Lifecycle

Reduce risk across software development.
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Sonatype Lifecycle

Simplify SBOM compliance and monitoring.

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