The Nexus Platform

Automate and secure the flow of open source components across your DevOps pipeline.

Nexus Firewall

Stop bad components at the front door.

Nexus Lifecycle

Continuously analyze open source quality and security.

Nexus Repository Pro

Store and distribute components with enterprise-grade support.

Nexus Repository OSS

Store and distribute components for free.

10 Things to Get Right for Successful DevSecOpsIntegrating security into DevOps to deliver "DevSecOps" requires changing mindsets, processes and technology.

Why Nexus?

The results speak for themselves.

Higher Quality

Assemble apps from the absolute best open source parts and improve quality by 48%.

Better Security

Eliminate open source vulnerabilities early and everywhere and improve application security by 63%.

Increased Velocity

Quietly enforce open source policies in real time and reduce MTTRs from six weeks to six seconds.

Less Friction

Eliminate waste from false positives and improve developer productivity by 38%.

Accelerate Software Innovation Without Losing Control

Universally Intelligent

The Nexus platform is pure polyglot and knows more about the quality of open source than anyone else in the world.


Universally Integrated

The Nexus platform infuses polyglot intelligence into your preferred tools early, everywhere, and at scale.


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