Sonatype Delivers Premium Open Source Controls to GitHub | Press Release

Nexus Firewall

Automatically stop risky components from entering into your software supply chain.
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Nexus Repository

Elegantly manage components, build artifacts, and release candidates across your entire development lifecycle.

Nexus Lifecycle

Continuously identify and remediate open source risk across every phase of your DevOps pipeline.
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Nexus Intelligence


Precise & polyglot intelligence, curated by world class experts, powers the Nexus platform.

The Nexus Platform



For Software Development...

  • Innovate faster.
  • Fewer bugs to fix.
  • Automatically leverage highest quality open source components.

Proven Results:
Happier developers innovate more, waste less time chasing false positives, and improve productivity by 38%.

For Application Security...

  • Shift security left.
  • Automatically identify open source risk.
  • Rapidly remediate known vulns early, everywhere, at scale.

Proven Results:
CISOs minimize risk, automatically enforce open source policies and improve application security by 63%.

For DevSecOps...

  • Release faster with less risk.
  • Fully align Dev, Sec, and Ops teams.
  • Infuse automated governance into every phase of your CI/CD pipeline.

Proven Results:
IT leaders continuously innovate with highest quality open source and improve software quality by 48%.

Nexus automates open source governance.

Universally Intelligent

The Nexus platform is pure polyglot and knows more about the quality of open source than anyone else in the world.


Universally Integrated

The Nexus platform infuses polyglot intelligence into your preferred tools early, everywhere, and at scale.


2019 State of the Software Supply Chain Report: Organizations automating open source governance across their DevOps pipelines see 50% reductions in the number of vulnerable components used by developers.

A Better Way to Manage Open Source Security Risk

The Nexus Platform Difference

Sonatype Nexus®

Accelerate software innovation with integrated DevSecOps.


Advanced Binary Fingerprinting precisely identifies actual security defects.


Rapidly fix real bugs with step-by-step instructions.


No false positives = Happy developers.


Faster releases with built-in security.

Everyone Else

Inhibit software innovation with old world security gates.


Name-based matching loosely identifies possible security risk.


Slowly investigate potential problems with a flashlight in the dark.


False alarm fatigue = Disgruntled developers.


Slower releases with bolt-on security.

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