Code quality from the first keystrokes

Speed and quality don’t have to be at odds. Boost productivity with automated security processes—built right into the tools you already use.

15 million developers trust Sonatype

Get the info you need, at the right time, in the right place across the entire software supply chain.

faster release velocity


reduction in remediation time


faster review and approval processes

Seamless integrations fuel innovation

50+ languages and integrations across leading IDEs, source repositories, CI pipeline, and ticketing systems. Save time to do what you do best—code new products.

Quality code early and everywhere

  • Quality components from the start
    Receive detailed intelligence for healthier component choice early in development, directly in your IDE and source control. As easy as adding packages.

  • Avoid false positives and negatives
    Get insights you can count on. Access data compiled from automation and careful human curation for quality your team can confidently act on right away.

  • Code with guardrails not gates
    Minimize dependency jungle with stage-specific guardrails in your SDLC that automate compliance and protect against delays from unnecessary security “checkpoints".

Find and fix open source vulnerabilities

  • Continuously monitor for new defects
    Receive alerts for new vulnerabilities based on component, risk level, and applications affected. Risks are color-coded based on severity for prioritized review. 

  • Know the exact location of any component
    Identify the location of specific vulnerabilities and their transitive and embedded dependencies so you can spend your time fixing them, not finding them.

  • Precise intelligence for quick remediation
    Access easy-to-understand, research-based vulnerability descriptions written for developers, by developers with actionable remediation guidance. 

  • Analyze risk from internal components
    Identify risks within proprietary components so you don’t waste time tracking down vulnerabilities that another team is responsible for remediating.
“We wanted fast solutions, but also wanted those to be secure solutions. We shouldn’t have to discuss whether software should be secure. That’s why we chose Sonatype Lifecycle.”
Stefan Simenon
Head of Centre of Expertise Software Development & Tooling, ABN-AMRO

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Sonatype Repository Firewall

Block malicious open source at the door.

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Sonatype Nexus Repository

Build fast with centralized components.
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Sonatype Lifecycle

Reduce risk across software development.
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Free tools to secure your code


Sonatype Nexus Repository OSS

Establish a single source of truth for all of your components, binaries, and build artifacts in a free artifact repository with universal format support.

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Sonatype OSS Index

Access a free catalog of open source components and scanning tools to help you identify vulnerabilities, understand risk, and keep your software safe.


Maven Central Repository

Discover popular Java packages with over three million artifacts to choose from, each with a Security Scorecard generated to identify vulnerabilities.