Application Security at your command

Empower DevSecOps at scale. Reduce open source and licensing risk with automated, shift-left application security.

Manage open source risk with clarity and confidence

Don’t let your code go uncontrolled. Be secure all the time—without manual reviews.


hours per month saved on OSS governance and review


reduced time spent identifying and remediating vulnerabilities


reduction in probability of a security breach

Enforce policies automatically

Your teams decide together what level of risk your company is comfortable with. Then automatically enforce policies early and everywhere across the SDLC with few false positives or negatives.

Protect against risks that can exploit your software in ways that are harmful to your business or customers.

Protect against legal risk from open source license obligations. An example is the GPL license which requires public disclosure of source code.

Protect against risk from low-quality components. Sonatype uses a variety of metrics to assess quality including age and popularity.

This is a catch-all category to protect against any other kind of risk, usually related to organizational priorities. One example could be ownership of a component.
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“A bill of materials, whether it’s of open source components or in house components, is a key part of the overall strategy on ensuring large software projects have trusted, secure components.”
Chief Security Officer, Qualys

Block malicious components

  • Keep compromised components out
    Receive detailed intelligence for healthier component choice early in development. As easy as adding packages.

  • Intercept malicious components
    AI-powered behavioral analysis predicts malicious components days before any public advisory, protecting you from zero-day attacks.

  • Identify vulnerable open source
    Protect your builds from vulnerable open-source through assigned risk profiles, allowing policy-based protection.

  • Integrate with your repository
    Protect your Sonatype Nexus Repository seamlessly with Sonatype Repository Firewall. Intercept malicious components with early identification and warning. Also compatible with JFrog Artifactory.
“Through the use of the Sonatype Platform, our team can proactively ensure open source security vulnerabilities are precisely identified, managed and resolved before they can impact our customers.”
CEO, Tomitribe

Always-on open source security

  • Monitor continuously for open source vulnerabilities
    Establish an automated early warning system to get alerted on newly discovered vulnerabilities based on component, risk level, or applications affected.

  • Generate a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
    Identify precisely what’s in your applications and containers with detailed SBOM reporting in minutes. Analyze and monitor your inventory for vulnerabilities and licensing issues.

  • Remediate vulnerabilities quickly
    Prioritize remediation and development work based on Sonatype's enriched data and guidance. Know the exact location of any component, and its dependencies, to fix threats quickly. .
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Get your free Software Bill of Materials

Expose the risks in your code.

Explore the Sonatype platform


Build fast with centralized components.

Intercept malicious open source at the door.


Reduce risk across software development.


Simplify SBOM compliance and monitoring.

Recognized in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant

“Sonatype is a good fit for clients who want to focus on OSS and Software Supply Chain issues where they can leverage Sonatype’s experience.”