Government intervention, the rise of SBOMs and the evolution of software supply chain security

President Biden's Cybersecurity Executive Order has fueled seismic changes in software development practices


According to new research from Sonatype, 92% of large enterprises have implemented or plan to adopt a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in response to the Order. The research also highlights the increasing importance of open source hygiene in cybersecurity and an influx of investment in software supply chain management technologies from enterprise companies.


Read the full survey report to understand: 

  • How the enterprise view on cyber regulations have changed since the Log4j vulnerability
  • Why SBOMs are becoming a key procurement requirement
  • How enterprise companies are increasing investment in vulnerability scanning, software composition analysis, supply chain automation, and bug bounty programs
And the survey says...


of respondents currently mandate that the businesses they work with maintain an SBOM 


of respondents have yet to adopt SBOMs, with 49% of those saying they’re unsure how to implement them


of security decision-makers see cyber regulation as the factor having the greatest positive impact on software security
“While it’s good to finally see widespread adoption of SBOMs, it’s equally concerning to see nearly a quarter of large enterprises have yet to implement them.”

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