Cybersecurity Executive Order:
Is Your Software Supply Chain Secure?

For the first time in history, to sell software to the federal government, companies will need to create a software bill of materials (SBOM), or a list of third-party components that make up a software application. Be prepared and get a clear understanding of your open source vulnerabilities with a free SBOM.

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Create a free SBOM in three easy steps.


Try the Nexus Vulnerability Scanner.

Submit the form to try the Nexus Vulnerability Scanner (NVS) locally.


Select an application to scan.

Scan your own application or choose one of our sample apps to see the power of NVS.


Review your complete Software Bill of Materials.

Receive a comprehensive view of security vulnerabilities and license and quality risks associated with the open source components used in your application.

“The private sector must adapt to the continuously changing threat environment, ensure its products are built and operate securely, and partner with the Federal Government to foster a more secure cyberspace.”

— Executive Order 05/12/2021

Creating an SBOM is critical to secure software development.


Know what’s in your software supply chain.

The Nexus Vulnerability Scanner will produce a Software Bill of Materials that catalogs all of the components* in your application.

*The average application consists of 106 open source components and contains 23 known vulnerabilities.


Understand your risk.

Avoid becoming the next Solarwinds. Your results will outline any policy violations, security issues, and license analysis* contained in your application, helping you understand your level of open source risk.

*The observed license is different than the declared license in many applications.


Fix any issues found.

Your company will need to start working to remediate known vulnerabilities,* securing your application against potential hacks. Learn how Sonatype can help.

*Many components in use are old, unsupported, and unpopular.

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