Nexus Repository OSS and Nexus Lifecycle

Store and Analyze Your Docker Containers

2016 State of the Software Supply Chain



Store, share and distribute Docker images


Host and group in private, secure, on premise repositories


Integrate with DevOps toolchain


Scan your containers to determine application hygiene

The importance of a private Docker registry

Join Chris Riley, DevOps analyst at Fixate, with Sonatype's own Nexus Repository product owner, Jeffry Hesse, as they discuss the importance of a premium, private Docker registry.

Docker containers and the modern software supply chain

See Josh Corman from Sonatype and John Willis from Docker at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 as they demonstrate a new vision of an immutable infrastructure for the software supply chain.

A guide to using Nexus Repository as a Private Docker Registry

Our latest datasheet provides the details on how Nexus Repository is used by organizations and teams just like yours to ensure they are sourcing images of the highest quality and integrity. Start improving the effeciency of your software supply chain today!


DevOps and Continuous Delivery reference architectures for Docker

People want to understand how to architect continuous delivery and DevOps environments using containerized applications and artifacts. We assembled this deck to represent best practices across a number of different organizations. These may look like the tool chains and infrastructure that you have built or would like to build.

DevSecOps for Containers

Nexus Lifecycle peeks inside containers and automatically identifies risk associated with open source components. Create and enforce open source policies on containerized applications with our precise component intelligence.

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