Is Octopus Scanner Malware Lurking Inside of Your Open Source IDE?

Scan binaries (not manifests) to detect and defeat the Octopus Scanner malware.

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Octopus Scanner Malware

Scan deployed binaries (not declared manifests) to accurately detect and defeat open source security threats.

The inventors of the novel Octopus Scanner malware are bad actors.  They're also kind of clever.  You see, they designed their attack to be invisible and immune to manifest-based security scanners.

Being clever, however, is not enough to hide from a binary-based security tool like Sonatype Lifecycle.  Powered by patented Advanced Binary Fingerprinting (ABF) technology, Sonatype tools examine binaries as deployed and precisely identify real risk associated with all embedded dependencies.

  • “Scanning binaries as deployed has always been important — but is particularly important now in light of novel software supply chain attacks like Octopus Scanner which are immune to detection by manifest based scanning tools.”

    — Brian Fox, CTO, Sonatype

Understanding your risk is just the beginning.

Automate all of your open source security with the Nexus Platform.


Vet parts early and automatically stop defective open source components from entering your software supply chain.


Manage libraries and store artifacts in a universal repository and share them across development teams.


Empower teams with precise component intelligence to enforce policies and continuously remediate risk.


Identify open source risk and remediate vulnerabilities with precise component intelligence at CI and Deployment.


Free service used by developers to identify known, publicly disclosed, open source vulnerabilities.

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