Nexus Pro Repository Manager

Reduce build times and improve reliability by providing local and redundant access to externally and internally developed components.

Nexus Pro caches components locally and ensures that the latest components are always available. Storing the components local to the build machine and eliminating constant network / internet access speeds the build time. Multiple proxies can be load balanced to ensure up to date components are always available.

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Help distributed development teams collaborate effectively by making shared components available in local repositories.

Nexus Pro Smart Proxy allows you to collocate proxy servers with developers. These proxy servers share components using an efficient publish / subscribe mechanism, ensuring developers have access to the latest components.

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Identify security and licensing vulnerabilities across your repository. The Repository Health Check provides summary and detailed information about the components in your repository so you have complete visibility of security and licensing risk.

Nexus Pro – CLM Edition allows you to create and automate usage policies to reduce the threat of vulnerable components being used in your production applications.

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Get expert support from the creators of Apache Maven, Nexus, and the Central Repository.

Sonatype provides a guaranteed response time SLA to ensure that issues do not affect your critical repository infrastructure.

Streamline workflow and control how components flow through development, QA, and into production with Nexus Pro staging.

Nexus creates temporary staging repositories and ensures components meet user-defined rules before being promoted. Automated policies can be used to to manage promotion and staging as part of the Nexus Pro CLM Edition.

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Standardize on a single repository to support multiple languages (Java, .NET), build tools (Maven, Ant, Ivy, Gradle) & repository formats (Maven, NuGet, OSGi, P2, YUM).

In this example, NuGet support is used to improve collaboration and sharing of .NET components.

Supporting multiple languages, build tools and repository formats decreases administration cost and facilitates collaboration and sharing.

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Easily secure access to your repositories & ensure the secure delivery of your components. using LDAP and Atlassian Crowd integration and user token authentication.

Nexus Pro provides LDAP, Atlassian Crowd & and user token authentication to secure your repositories. Sonatype provides SSL connectivity to ensure that components are delivered securely.

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With Nexus Pro CLM Edition, you can define and enforce build promotion and staging policies using component security, licensing, and popularity information.

Components that violate policies are displayed in Nexus Pro. Nexus policies automatically determine whether a build should be promoted or if the release should be stopped so that developers can take remediation action.

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Join a community of more than 20,000 organizations around the globe that rely on Nexus to speed builds, improve collaboration, and enhance control in component-based software development.

Nexus Pro delivers the additional features and support needed to effectively meet your demanding repository management requirements. Nexus Pro CLM Edition provides a path to full Component Lifecycle Management

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