Bringing It All Together

Unnecessary complexity permeates nearly all software development today. If it continues along the same path, these speed bumps will block further increases in productivity and the on-time, on-budget delivery of quality software. 

Fortunately, many of these challenges can be helped by implementing a comprehensive software supply chain management. We stress “comprehensiveness'' because so often today, people are solely focused on software supply chain security. While a critical portion it’s just one part of the full picture. Secure software is a byproduct of healthy, quality, and maintainable software with high-integrity. 

There are myriad other benefits of software supply chain management. 

  • Reduces the risks and inefficiencies that slow progress 
  • Decreases technical debt and rework 
  • Eliminates a tax on innovation, empower creativity 
  • Increase revenue through faster product release cycles
  • Creates happier developers
  • Improves scalability, maintainability and sustainability of applications 
  • Transforms security from feeling like an obstacle in innovation to partner 
  • Makes it easy to know what’s in your software 
  • Fix vulnerabilities and defects before they get to production 
  • Fewer organizational silos and improved collaboration 
  • Improved competitiveness 
  • Higher quality applications for your customer

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Sonatype’s Approach to Supply Chain Management

At the end of the day, monitoring and protecting the software supply chain can be very difficult. It’s especially hard for companies with multiple programs and supply chains.

To streamline the process, a growing number of companies are using software supply chain automation technologies. Sonatype’s offer in this space contains solutions for building and managing artifacts and binaries, identifying open source risk in containers, and preventing questionable components from entering your software development lifecycle.

Sonatype also eliminates software license compliance issues by automating manual license attribution and avoiding incompatible or conflicting licenses.

Our goal is to strengthen your software supply chain without allocating more human or back-end resources.

Nexus Lifecycle

Part of every stage of the software supply chain, Lifecycle’s core functionality is to scan applications and evaluate components against Nexus Intelligence. That evaluation is based on security, legal, quality, and architectural standards that you control.

Knowing the components in your application, and their risks, is key to building high-quality, innovative software. Lifecycle’s integrations with tools like IDEs and web browsers bring you precise intelligence throughout the supply chain..

Lifecycle’s integrations with continuous integration / continuous delivery tools are especially important. Scanning at build time is scalable, accurate, and gives you visibility into your app’s components when you need it most. It’s also automated; no need to manually submit anything for scanning. And it enforces automatically, blocking builds if it detects policy violations.



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