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Unite your teams to accelerate innovation

Automate software supply chain governance from a shared mission control with your developers, application security, and legal and compliance teams united. 
Intergrated Innovation02-min
Intergrated Innovation02-min


Shift left your
quality control 

Bring component intelligence into the tools your developers use every day. They can see right in their IDE or source control when a component violates a company open source policy, then easily move to an approved version in a few clicks to innovate securely from the start.

"Everybody loves the immediate visibility it provides them with regard to security and compliance or their component choices. They also love the immediate guidance it provides to alternative component versions when an initial choice is found to be out of compliance."
Derek Evans
Director of DevOps, Pershing


Reduce risk at scale

Enable your application security teams to configure policies to protect against vulnerabilities, license violations, and to reduce technical debt across the SDLC. Automatically respond to policy violations with warning emails, Jira tickets, or by failing builds for the most severe risks.
Threat Level


Respond to threats fast

In only minutes, create an accurate software bill of materials (SBOM) for each of your applications. Prioritize remediation easily with exact details of each new zero day vulnerability location and how your developers can fix it fast to keep your software running.  
Firewall UI

Get your free software bill of materials

Security vulnerabilities
Quality risks
License risks

Superior data powers our platform

Access exclusive vulnerability data

Know the risks first. Go well beyond the National Vulnerability Database with exclusive insights into 120+ million vulnerable components discovered by our in-house team of security researchers. 
in-house security researchers

Avoid false positives or negatives

Reduce developer noise with insights you can count on. Access data compiled from automation and careful human curation that your team can act on without fear of rework.

Save $14,000
per developer, per year

Maintain security at speed

When it comes to security, speed matters. Reduce developer time spent researching, securing approval of, and downloading quality open source components with the right information at the right time. 
faster vulnerability remediation time

Open source components analyzed



Deliver quality code fast

  • Developers are under pressure to deliver quality software fast, but inefficient security processes slow their pace of innovation.
  • Address a broad range of bugs with precise information
  • Receive reliable feedback early in the software development lifecycle
  • Access feedback in the tools you already use (e.g. your favorite IDE)


Manage vulnerability risks

  • Security teams spend too much time researching vulnerabilities and arguing with developers, when they should be defining and enabling policy.
  • Discover vulnerabilities first and pinpoint their exact location
  • Enforce policies early and automatically across the SDLC
  • Prevent known and unknown OSS risk from entering the SDLC


Enforce policy at scale

  • Legal teams waste time reviewing license types, obligation reporting, and copyright rules, which slows down development.
  • Enforce licensing policies automatically at scale
  • Understand specific license obligations at a glance
  • Simplify and automate attribution reporting
“We wanted fast solutions, but also wanted those to be secure solutions. We shouldn’t have to discuss whether software should be secure. That’s why we chose Sonatype Lifecycle.”
Stefan Simenon
Head of Centre of Expertise Software Development & Tooling, ABN-AMRO

Secure your software supply chain