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Log4j exploit updates

At the heart of the digital landscape, security is paramount. In the wake of the Log4j exploit, our commitment to safeguarding the online world has never been stronger. As the stewards of Maven Central, our teams are working around the clock to ensure that the world has reliable and fast access to the latest Log4shell fixes.

In this digital age where data breaches, vulnerabilities, and malware are a fairly common occurrence, our mission is clear: to provide you with the tools and information needed to fortify your digital defenses. Explore this page to stay updated on the latest Log4j exploit developments, access critical fixes, and empower yourself with the knowledge to protect your digital assets.

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“This new Log4j vulnerability is likely going to be another “flashbulb memory” event in the timeline of significant vulnerabilities. It is the most widely used logging framework in the Java ecosystem.”
Brian Fox

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Original log4j CVE that started it all. Impacts “org.apache.logging.log4j.log4j-core” versions 2.x only: <2.15.0 affected.


Less severe variant of CVE-2021-44228 impacting log4j 1.x only. Impacts all versions of a different group/artifact altogether: “log4j:log4j.” Not applicable to “log4j-core” (those are 2.x versions).


DoS vulnerability impacting log4j-core version <=2.15.0 but not 2.16.0.

SONATYPE-2021-4517 AKA CVE-2021-42550

Similar to CVE-2021-4104, but impacts “logback-classic,” and “logback-core,” as logback is based off of log4j 1.x. Sonatype ID is based on this issue.


Applies to log4j 2.x versions until and including 2.15.0. Fixed version to be on is 2.16.0. Vulnerability based on Praetorian’s blog. Summed up more stuff in this news report. Currently under Fast-Track as full disclosure is pending with Apache. More details will be released in due course of time.
"This is akin to someone figuring out mailing a letter into your post box with a specific address written on it allows them to open all your doors in your house.”
Brian Fox
Sonatype CTO in BBC

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