Enterprise software supply chain management



in annual return generated by investment in Sonatype


reduction in developer time spent researching, securing approval, and downloading quality OSS components


3-year return on investment


reduction in time spent remediating newly discovered vulnerabilities

Superior data is our lifeblood

97%  of data is exclusive to Sonatype.
65  world class security researchers
Public databases like the National Vulnerability Database provide a relatively small and typically outdated view of open source security vulnerabilities. Sonatype delivers a more universal understanding of open source risk and does it 10x faster.

Sonatype ingests and analyzes components from every GitHub commit to every open source project, advisory websites, Google search alerts, OSS Index, and a plethora of vulnerability sites. New vulnerabilities are also regularly discovered by our own researchers and added to our proprietary knowledge base.

Alternative tools are prone to false positives and negatives because they scan apps “as declared” and trust developers to disclose the truth about dependencies embedded in software.

Sonatype scans apps “as deployed” utilizing Advanced Binary Fingerprinting (ABF) to reflect the truth about third party risk.

Security that never sleeps

80%  reduction in remediation time
70%  reduction in window of exploitability
Continuously monitor for new defects with an automated early warning system for newly discovered defects. Then know the exact root cause and component dependencies so your developers can remediate vulnerabilities quickly. 

Unite teams within mission control

6×  faster release velocity
10×  faster feedback loops
Security, quality, and compliance cannot be achieved in isolation. Sonatype is an integrated platform that brings the data and insights needed into every workflow, to achieve software supply chain management at scale.

Enforce policies automatically

100×  faster review & approval processes
$192,000  saved per year with intelligent automation
Create custom policies across the software lifecycle to specify what vulnerabilities trigger which actions. Then automatically enforce these policies in the tools your developers are already using. without the burden of manual reviews. 

Run products anywhere

Flexible deployment options let you run anywhere—without the operational hurdles. Deploy easily with world class support from our Technical Support team at no additional cost.


Get started right away. Streamline your infrastructure and rapidly scale with cloud solutions hosted on AWS and managed by Sonatype.
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Self Hosted

Unlock maximum flexibility. Choose to host on your own servers or in a cloud environment of choice.
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Adhere to the strictest security standards for government and affiliated organizations. Sonatype offers the only software supply chain solution for air-gapped environments.
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Access enterprise support

Workshops & services

Start strong with training in a public classroom, at your site, or online. Sonatype can also provide custom training courses for your specific needs.

Self-service training

Get help from online learning modules, technical guides, and videos directly from within Sonatype’s detailed product documentation. 

Dedicated coaching

Work with a proactive Customer Success team member to outline a strategy and set up your platform to achieve your desired outcomes.

Online community

Access and contribute to community plugins in our online community. Engage in forum discussions, office hours, and share ideas with fellow innovators.

  • “We are very happy with the Sonatype support. We have occasionally had issues to handle and the Sonatype support team answers our questions in minutes. This is VERY important for us.”
    Emre Erkek
    DevOps Engineer, Kredi Kayit Burosu
  • “The training was very thorough, and the teacher was knowledgeable enough to respond to many questions from the team. The workshop raised many questions that our company was not aware that we needed to address.”
    DevOps Engineer, Equifax