Sonatype runs anywhere

Sonatype’s flexible deployment models let you run anywhere–in the cloud, on-premises, or air-gapped.

Effortless cloud deployment

Sonatype on the cloud automates maintenance and infrastructure, making it simpler than ever to secure your software development life cycle (SDLC).

Scale easily in the cloud

Meet the needs of your users as you scale. Add new teams, apps, and users, with zero deployment.

Simplify integration

Configure APIs and easily connect with the systems and tools you already have in place.

Spend efficiently

Get what you need, when you need it. Eliminate wasted space, maintenance fees, and other upfront costs.

Trust enterprise quality

SOC and ISO 27001 certifications guarantee that data security is built into every layer.

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Deploy on your terms

Store and operate Sonatype on your own hardware. Implement and automate security policies that match your specific risk criteria.

Automate in-house security

Eliminate unnecessary manual processes. Let Sonatype’s behavioral AI handle policy enforcement.

Keep control in-house

Prefer to maintain software yourself? Have complete control of your environment, infrastructure, and assets at all times.

Scale with ease

Self-hosted can be cheaper than cloud hosting. At first. When you’re done with ongoing expenses like upgrades, patches, and maintenance we’ll be here to help you re-evaluate your processes and needs.

Add to existing solutions

If you’re already hosting other software on-premise, you may find it easier to continue deploying in-house.

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Deploy in a zero-trust environment

Ensure the highest levels of security and compliance at all stages of development. Government agencies and other highly regulated industries can avoid the public internet and even other network within their organizations.

Maximize security

Air-gapped security keeps your SDLC safe from attacks and theoretical threats.

Scale when you need to

More internal infrascturue and resources means higher costs. If you ever choose to move away from an air-gapped environment, Sonatype will be there to help ease the transition.

Log data efficiently

Data updates can take longer in air-gapped environments. Sonatype tools help bridge the gap.

Integrate seamlessly

Server space and administrative resources are needed before implementing a disconnected model.

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Enterprise support and security

The Sonatype Technical Support Team provides world class support for all three deployment options as part of the subscription at no additional cost. Cloud customers receive extended support with 24x7x365 coverage for Sev-1 (production outage) issues as part of their subscription. 


ISO 27000-1
ISO 27000