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Gold Level Partners



Addteq has been a leader of providing business solutions to Enterprise clients for more than 10 years. Through the use of DevOps automation, Addteq strives on creating innovative solutions to solve business processes. Clients depend on Addteq to provide Atlassian solutions, create custom add-ons, conduct training, offer hosting and staffing, perform DevOps services, and provide overall support services. Being named one of Atlassian’s Platinum Experts, Addteq delivers superior results within a range of industries, specifically to major companies such as Cisco, MetLife and Bank of America. Addteq’s headquarters is found in Princeton, New Jersey, with offices around the globe.

Territory: United States, India, Europe



ANS provides network centric solutions and services to clients across the Federal Government, Department of Defense, and private sector, including Health Care and Finance. Our engineers are highly trained: 70% of the engineers having obtained college degrees, and nearly 95% have obtained at least one industry recognized certification. Our certifications includes network, information assurance, information technology, and project management. As a vendor agnostic company, our engineers are trained on, and are experienced with a wide number of vendor product lines. Our engineers are able to support a wide range of clients, with more than 95% of our employees holding government issued clearances.

Territory: US Federal


Araido is an ambitious software security consultancy company that delivers services to help organisations achieve a Secure Software Development Lifecycle. Building innovations for customers is not only about building something that they need, it is also about standing up to the level of trust they expect. Organisations use lean development practises like Agile, Scrum, DevOps to support collaboration and cloud services to reduce the time to market. To include security, organisations must commit to changes in skills, culture, technology and processes to deliver secure innovations at speed and scale. Being one of the pioneers in DevSecOps, Araido knows how to make DevSecOps programs successful within an organisation and include security as an integral part.

Territory: Netherlands


9TH BIT Consulting assists businesses across Africa to leverage their existing systems, maximise IT investments and ease the modernisation of legacy systems to current technologies. With new technologies that are created by vendors and accepted by IT organisations, 9TH BIT helps to relieve growing pressure on the viability and maintenance of older technologies and applications built upon them, whilst integrating newer technologies when needed through DevOps & Continuous Delivery, Big Data & Data Ingestion as well as the evolving Middleware landscape.


Clearvision is an innovative software services company with offices in Southampton and London UK, as well as Philadelphia, Dublin, and Bangalore. Since 2005 we have applied our expertise to support hundreds of leading organizations manage transformation in their IT and apply collaborative methodology across their teams. As an enterprise-certified Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner we are well placed to provide large enterprises and the public sector with consultancy, technical implementation, hosting, training, and support packages for JIRA, Confluence, and the rest of the Atlassian stack. From collaborative discovery sessions to ongoing support, Clearvision empowers teams to reach their full potential.

Territory: North America, EMEA



As a global IT company with thirty years of experience, COMPAREX is one of the world’s leading IT service providers and no. 1 software license management company in the EMEA markets. COMPAREX develops innovative services that support management and leverage software products, leading to an overall improvement of workforce productivity. COMPAREX serves corporate customers spanning from small businesses to large international corporations as well as public institutions – supporting every customer during their digital journey towards productivity optimization.

Territory: DACH



Coveros helps organizations achieve business results by delivering solutions with greater speed, flexibility, and quality than traditional approaches. Using agile project management and software assurance best practices, we deliver mission-critical software to market on-time and on-budget. The Coveros approach maximizes return on investment by delivering the highest business value needs early in all of our software and consulting engagements. 

Territory: North America, US Federal

Engineering Software Lab

Founded in August 2005, ESL (Engineering Software Lab Ltd) is a technical software resale and professional services company, based in Israel, which focuses on: Source code analysis for quality and security, version management, mathematical computation, open source compliance, standard compliance, build & release automation, and application performance monitoring.

ESL’s executive team has a wealth of industry knowledge, making the company a dominant figure in the Israeli enterprise software quality and development market. ESL's team has acquired extensive experience by helping clients worldwide to integrate product development processes departmentally and their focus is on helping customers to manage and deliver high-value products.

Territory: Israel

Jasmine Conseil

Jasmine Conseil, which has just celebrated its ten years of consulting and expertise in coaching and monitoring of project design, according to the SDLC Life cycle has expertise in the field of system integration, development and in machining software and provisioning environments as tools and DevOps methodology.

With Sonatype Nexus and the ecosystem, Jasmine Conseil strengthens its technical coverage of the project life cycle to the best benefits of its customers.

Territory: EMEA, Canada



Emerasoft is an Italian company providing IT products and services. Emerasoft supports DevOps methodologies and Continuous Delivery; therefore selects easy to use and smart technologies, designed to encourage an approach for working collaboratively at any time, anywhere. The company operates in the fields of automotive, telecommunication, manufacturing, publishing, bank and insurance, and serves customers such as Ferrero, CNH Industrial, Finmeccanica, Ferragamo, Juventus.

Territory: EMEA


Inventage is a leading provider of software engineering services for the realization of business critical applications. Our solutions are based on the latest architecture concepts and implemented with the latest Java technologies. We have considerable experience in the development of comprehensive Eclipse RCP business applications and their integration into a wide variety of enterprise environments.

Territory: EMEA


Newt Global

Newt Global, founded in 2004 and headquartered at Dallas TX, is a technology powerhouse present in multiple locations in USA and India. Newt Global is leader in DevOps Transformation, Cloud Enablement, and Mobility Test Automation. The company has implemented complete DevOps tool chain for large enterprise clients. Newt Global has been out of top 100 fastest growing companies of Dallas twice in a row.

Territory: North America, Asia Pacific



Perficient is the leading digital transformation consulting firm serving Global 2000 and enterprise customers throughout North America. With unparalleled information technology, management consulting and creative capabilities, Perficient and its Perficient Digital agency deliver vision, execution and value with outstanding digital experience, business optimization and industry solutions.

Territory: North America


Ranger4 are DevOps evolution experts who help and guide organisations to make impactful, value-based change based on DevOps principles. This is achieved through the three lenses of Organisation, Interactions and Automation (OIA) ensuring that cultural debt is addressed and culture is managed as an asset, processes are streamlined and optimised and tooling is chosen and implemented on the basis of it being architected for end to end ideation to realisation. Ranger4’s suite of DevOps change tools, E3, includes solutions that Explore, Educate and Evolve an organisation’s capabilities through their DevOps journey.

Territory: UK & Ireland


Sermicro is a reference in the IT Service Industry, whose Mission is to provide and integrate ICT Solutions and Services in an efficient and satisfactory way, helping their customers to focus on their business strategy to make the most of their IT Budget. Sermicro belongs to ACS Group, an international leader in Construction and Facilities Management Industry. and is made up of four Companies: Sermicro, Dimática, Albatros y Dinsa. At the end of 2016 a new BU specialized in Security Services was created within Sermicro. This BU is made up by a group of professionals both with a long experience and a reference in the Security sector.

Territory: EMEA, South America


Securchannel is an IT security wholesaler specializing in high value-added security solutions. The firm was founded in 2012 and is made up by a group of professionals with deep experience in the technology sector. Securchannel create the right distribution channel for each of our partners and customers and help them with resources and the knowledge needed to develop their projects, ensuring successful results.

Territory: EMEA

Shelde Logo copy.jpg


Shelde is a specialist service and solution provider with a strong heritage in Information Security. Our mission is to change the way Application Security is embedded into software development. We believe in making our customer's information secure, accessible, and applicable by challenging them to think differently, innovate and drive actions.

Territory: Australia 

Shenzhen Zhongyi Technologies Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Zhongyi Technologies Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive information technology service provider for enterprise customers. The service covers: cloud and large data, software development platform capability, industry application solution, dedicated to the use of industry leading IT technology to help Corporate customers continue to innovate and manage change.

Shenzhen Zhongyi Technologies Co.,Ltd has a consulting architect, senior project manager led the professional team, with a high degree of professionalism, good sense of cooperation and solid technical strength, to provide customers: consulting planning, program design , Custom development, implementation delivery, end to end one-stop service.

Territory: China 



Zivra is a boutique IT professional services firm founded in 2013. We provide top-quality technical consulting services and industry insight to help FORTUNE 1000 companies develop and implement their digital transformation strategy. Our capabilities include DevOps Strategy and Implementations, Cloud Provisioning and Migration, Infrastructure Transformation & Managed Services, Software Development Lifecycle and Agile Transformation, IT Strategy and Transformation. 

Territory: North America, South America

Silver Level Partners



BDQ is a software consultancy based in London and serving the EMEA region. As Atlassian Solution Partners we use their technology stack in combination with DevOps principles, empowering organisations to realise their full potential and achieve greater visibility and collaboration across their entire business. Through our partnerships with market-leaders such as AWS, Zephyr and Sonatype we provide organisations with safe, scalable and sophisticated solutions. BDQ are also the only UK Sonatype partner to offer a hosted, managed service of Nexus.

Territory: EMEA


Black Diamond Software

At Black Diamond Software, Inc. (BDS), our vision is to apply unparalleled intellectual property and leadership to transform software development for a select number of clients. We seek to be a trusted partner to our clients, sharing our playbook within well-articulated solutions that provide hard business value. Our solutions evolve as software development technologies and practices evolve. We are aimed at the sweet spot of the maturity wave, always serving our clients with proven consulting and tooling solutions. At Black Diamond Software we share the lessons learned about continuous delivery from our software clients like Apple, to expedite the transformation of software development. 

Territory: North America


CloudHesive was founded by cloud executives and provides cloud solutions through consulting and managed services with a focus on security, reliability, availability and scalability. CloudHesive services help companies reduce their operating costs and increase productivity while improving their cloud security posture by deploying their mission critical workloads onto the CloudHesive Fabric. The CloudHesive Fabric wraps traditional cloud offerings (public, private or hybrid) with cloud-centric security solutions and controls, an innovative management platform and experienced cloud engineers who help customers leverage next-generation DevOps techniques to increase scalability.

Territory: North America, South America, Public Sector



Cloudogu GmbH is a vendor of an innovative software development platform. We help companies to improve their processes and to minimize nonproductive tasks by means of automation and standardization.Our fully integrated and highly flexible software EcoSystem combines a selected number of tools, e.g. Sonatype, for the development lifecycle. Cloudogu EcoSystem not only allows companies to set up an efficient virtual IT-infrastructure in no time, it also helps to ensure best practice and quality standards.

Territory: DACH


Datamato Technologies is an end-to-end technology service and solutions provider with expertise in DevOps, IoT, Cloud, Consulting & Commerce. Our work is defined by quality, integrity and customer satisfaction and we collaborate with customers to consistently and cost-effectively plan, execute and deliver high-quality services and products. Our consultants are seasoned professionals who build long-term, trusted relationships and bring a high level of energy, integrity, experience and value to client work. In addition, we are partners with best-in-class technology vendors, enabling us to remain focused on objectives while working with clients to determine the most appropriate, software and services to meet their business requirements and gain the competitive advantage. Learn more at www.datamato.com.

Territory: North America, APAC


Kloia is a new-era solution provider who is an accelerator for closing the technology gap through the adoption of modern practices in Cloud, DevOps, Test Automation and Microservices. 

Kloia has a presence in London, Amsterdam, and Istanbul and has various partnerships such as AWS(Advanced Consulting), Kubernetes (Service Partner), Docker (Premium) and Hashicorp (System Integrator).

Territory: EMEA



ImagineX Consulting is a business and technology consulting firm whose goal is to help our clients transform their businesses by embracing lean delivery techniques and emerging technologies.  Through the use of our experimentation techniques and modern delivery methods, we assist our clients in driving higher quality solutions to market earlier.  Our specific areas of focus include information security, agile engineering and DevOps, cloud migrations, lean/agile transformation and coaching, and strategic technical project delivery.

ImagineX Consulting is headquartered in Denver with offices in Atlanta, New York, Raleigh, Washington, DC and Toronto.
Our ImagineX Labs are located in Toronto, Canada and Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Territory: North America, EMEA


International Software Partners GmbH

International Software Partners GmbH is specialized in marketing software applications and supporting the trade. Set up in 1989, ISP*D has localized its software distribution operations on the European market. Our core business for years has been selling interdisciplinary portfolio products to the IT trade and reliably procuring niche products. The core competencies of ISP*Distribution include long-standing experience and solid expertise in software. ISP*D’s main target is transforming customers into passionate believers with our high level of service quality. Flexibility and fast reaction times in our day-to-day business are fixed components of our corporate philosophy to guarantee efficient and effective customer support. Click here for ISP*D's german website.

Territory: EMEA


Go2Group, a global provider of IT delivery solutions, helps enterprises achieve business agility. Founded in 2002, the company offers enterprise-level software products and services around ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), DevOps, cloud, and agile practices.  Go2Group has a proven track record in DevOps leadership and implementation, providing tools and applications built on latest technology and processes, and a strong and dedicated team of trained and certified technical consultants.  Organizations in 70 countries benefit from its expert DevOps services that drive business teams toward high-performance, empowers teams to seamlessly accelerate delivery and enables increased efficiency through cross-team collaboration.

Territory: North America, EMEA, APAC


Moonsoft Oy is a Finnish company and specializes in software sales and deployment for corporates, academic institutions and the public sector. Our excellent ability to help the customer select the correct products and licensing for their organizations makes us stand out from the competition. Our core business is software sales from the world’s leading suppliers, but we also provide professional services, support and tools to help our customers properly manage the complete software lifecycle from start to finish.

Territory: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark


Nordicmind concentrates in leading ICT solutions with primary focus and specialized expertise in datacenter infrastructure, availability and security solutions, as well as in devops, cloud technologies, centralized management and Enterprise Open Source. Nordicmind has offices and over 1000 channel partners across its key operating territory in Northern Europe and Russia. The end customers represent all industry verticals covering telecommunication, finance, media, healthcare and governmental departments.

Territory: Greater Western Europe


Oteemo is a leading technology consulting company that specializes in helping organizations achieve their digital transformation objectives. Specifically, we are laser focused on being the best at building, running and managing cloud native, modern applications. Our core technical transformation areas are: Infrastructure Automation, Continuous Delivery, Containers and Cloud solutions.

Territory: North America



ReleaseTEAM is a veteran owned DevOps consulting firm. We help with Development and Deployment tool implementations, migrations, tool evaluations and software sales with tools from requirements to deployment. We have established best of breed partnerships that allow us to have a unique expertise in helping our clients with problems or assessing their environments to identifying areas for improvement.

Territory: North America, US Federal

Swordfish Security

Swordfish Security LLC is a software security boutique company with the focus on services helping clients to make their software ecosystem safe and secure at DevOps speed.

Territory: Russian Federation

The Server Labs

The Server Labs is a specialist IT Consultancy and Software Development Company and a leading authority in Cloud Computing, Big Data and High Performance computing. Founded in 2004, and with offices in the UK, Spain and Germany, The Server Labs focuses on the design and implementation of IT architectures and advanced software engineering projects. Working with the most advanced solutions and technologies and offering its clients, predominantly large-sized corporations, cost-effective, robust, scalable and high performance solutions. 

Territory: EMEA


VIRE Consulting

VIRE Consulting is a leading Information Technology (IT) Services firm providing enterprise consulting services to Government and Commercial clients. VIRE specializes in building and implementing custom solutions that provide rapidly apparent, sustainable value. VIRE was founded in 2008 with a simple, yet surprisingly innovative plan: Deliver customized services based on the disciplined methodologies of the “Big Four” consulting firms, with the flexibility, efficiency and cost benefits of a smaller business unit. 

Territory: US Federal


VVL Systems

VVL Systems provides Optimized Computing for Cloud, Infrastructure, and End Users through the use of leading-edge technologies.  We provide consultative and best practices expertise to assist organizations achieve optimization of their cloud initiatives (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS), Infrastructure (Sec/DevOps, Automation), and End User Experience Management.    We deliver capabilities to commercial, Local/State Government, Federal, DoD/IC customers, including AWS Consulting and Microsoft Azure as a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider.
Territory: US Federal

Bronze Level Partners


Continuity is in a unique position to help you automate resilient processes that power your business. Continuity enables organizations to embark on their digital transformation journeys by unleashing their potential to design and implement Continuous Delivery pipelines based off domain-driven design (DDD). Additionally, Continuity allows you to make informed decisions from KPIs that improve the sustainability of the business, pass compliance, governance, risk, regulatory and audit checks while automating segregation of duties. Continuity provides mentoring to individuals aspiring to be transformational leaders by helping them refine their strategies and start a new chapter in their journey. 
Territory: North America
acedemand logo.png

ACEDEMAND IT Consulting Services

ACEDEMAND has the experience about the software architecture and software development support which you need for your enterprise software projects. We respond your requests as well as provide outsource and turnkey project development. As a member of Atlassian Expert program, we provide consulting services within the scope of all the Atlassian product family.

Territory: EMEA



Archinnova is an innovative business technology consulting and implementation firm dedicated to enabling its clients to establish and optimise Integrated Enterprise Value Engineering Lifecycle i-EVEL) capabilities to achieve sustainable outcomes.  Our unique customer centric service delivery model is supported by our best practices driven methodologies and powered by leading solutions to ensure tangible results through a partnership journey of collaboration, knowledge transfer and flexibility. 
Our approach is designed to identify the critical value engineering capabilities aligned with the differentiation strategy of our clients, and adapted to their specific readiness and culture. Sustainability is achieved by addressing the people, process and technology dimension to institutionalize the required services.
Territory: Middle East & North Africa
ecs digital.png

ECS Digital

ECS Digital is a leader in automation and digital transformation. It helps enterprises deliver software and software-related services faster and at lower cost through the adoption of DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices.  ECS Digital has been delivering successful projects since 2003, with hundreds of happy customers.  It has helped customers - including a global top three retailer, a top five UK retail bank, and a large European telco - realise the benefits of DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices.

Territory: EMEA, APAC

SCSI - Logo copy.png

Software Configuration Solutions, Inc.

We provide software configuration management as a service and consult with companies to provide a process and procedure to their software delivery process. Using DevOps as the platform. We start by analyzing how things are being done in an organization and provide an assessment of how the environment should look.

Our assessment is molded to each unique organization’s internal requirements, we understand how they want their environment to look and where they want it hosted (onsite, in the cloud, or hybrid) and we provide a tailored solution that is right-sized for the organization. We implement the solution and provide support.

Territory: North America


Steel Thread

Steel Thread helps our Federal customers harness the power of the technology tools and strategies of today to help meet mission needs for tomorrow and beyond.  We not only build innovative software products but provide expert solutions around Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery transformation to grow responsive IT organizations.  The Steel Thread approach allows our clients to deliver better, more secure software faster while reducing complexity and increasing business agility.  Find out why the Federal Government’s most innovative agencies trust Steel Thread to fulfill their mission vision.

Territory: US Federal



Treeptik supports customers in order to accelerate their business by shorten the path between innovation and final product.

With DevOps implementation, container solutions and Sonatype tools, our team of experts goes the extra mile to provide customers with simplified IT solutions by designing high performance applications. Treeptik is also developing CloudUnit, a comprehensive set of production tools for Java developers, based on Docker.

Territory: EMEA