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Get the best possible start, and learn from our in-house, Nexus product experts.


Data Services

Sonatype's expert scientists perform deep component research all day every day, combing through a blend of public and proprietary data. The result of their work is a stream of component intelligence surfaced inside of Nexus products. We do much more than simply highlight security and license related issues, we do the heavy lifting required to analyze individual components, tracing issues to the root cause, a process other services can't match.

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Application Health Check

Application Health Check provides insight into how Sonatype Data Services is integrated into each of our products. Whether you choose to evaluate your own application, or one of the samples provided, in just seconds you’ll have access to component intelligence across vulnerability, license, and other quality-related risk dimensions.

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Given our early roots and continuing involvement in open source, we’ve realized communities are essential for success. That’s why we make attending events (and holding a few of our own) a critical part of our outreach. Click the button below to learn more about where we’ll be and what we’re discussing.

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While our products are easy enough to learn without dedicated training, we understand teams want to make sure they get a great start when integrating new products into their organization. Click the button to learn more about the wide range of customizeable training options we offer.

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White Papers

Our collection of whitepapers continue to serve as critical resources for those looking to learn about modern software development. From repository management to suppy chain automation, whether you are trying to build a technical case for DevOps in your organization or just looking to be better informed about the state of modern software development, we have something for you.

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We bring together industry experts on a regular basis to learn and discuss the continuous change in software development. From a range of cutting edge technology, best practice, and modern methodologies, we've recorded the best of these sessions and offer them to you. Check back regularly, as this list is continually updated.

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We wrote the book on Repository Management, and from that beginning, we've expanded our offerings to cover the entire suite of Nexus products. From setting up and configuring Smart Proxy, to configuring the best policies to keep unwanted components out of your applications, our documentation is a single source of truth for customers looking to learn how to use and extract value out of their investment.

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