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Nexus Platform - 2019 Year in Review

Wow, is 2019 over? The year has gone by quickly and it’s probably because we have been so busy at Sonatype, continuing to develop new features for the Nexus Platform. Identifying market trends and listening to our customers is what drives the roadmap for Nexus Repository Manager and Nexus IQ Server (Lifecycle, Lifecycle Foundation, Firewall, and Auditor).

As we close out this year, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on all of the new features and enhancements we released in 2019. Luckily, these updates are also captured throughout the year with our quarterly webinars , where you can engage with our product management team to learn more about what was released in the previous quarter. If you were not able to join us for those webinars this year, please join us in 2020.

So here is a quick look back at what we delivered in 2019.

Nexus Repository Manager

  • Additional Language Support - Go, APT, Conda, CocoaPods, R (Helm + NuGet v3 release soon), all open source and free to use.
  • Dynamic Storage - Enhanced flexibility for data storage both in the cloud and on-prem.
  • Routing Rules - Enhanced security with proxy policies.
  • Data Integrations to Nexus IQ.
  • IDE Integrations - Full functionality with IntelliJ PyCharm.
  • GitHub integrations - Developer efficiency checks on commits.
  • Dozens of performance enhancements.
  • Tons of new REST endpoints for provisioning and querying.
  • UI + Admin Improvements.
  • Lots more coming soon: NuGet v3, SAML support.

Nexus IQ Server

I hope many of you are aware of these enhancements and have already started to use them. If not, please refer to our release notes and engage with the community at to learn more.

It was a very exciting year for Sonatype and our customers in 2019 and we all look forward to another great year in 2020!

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Written by Michelle Dufty

Michelle Dufty is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Sonatype where she brings solutions to market that unite development, security, and operations teams to accelerate software innovation while minimizing open source risk.