Resources Blog Celebrating #IWD2020

Celebrating #IWD2020

This International Women’s Day we celebrate the theme #EqualForEqual.

Here, a collection of some of our favorite pieces produced by, or featuring, women in our industry over the last year. These include profiles of industry leaders, conference sessions led by women, and popular writing here on the Sonatype blog. This small sample shows the many areas in which women shape this industry and our company.

Innovator’s Journey

Our ongoing, multi-year series features people talking about how they started, and established, careers in DevOps.

  • Jasmine James, Delta
    “In that role, coding was always fun to me, but I really loved the way that we were able to make the QA experience more efficient through automation.”

  • Tina Donbeck, US Patent & Trademark Office
    “I fell into technology. I have a degree in Organizational Development-type Psychology, so I fell into the IT world probably about 18 years ago after I got out of the Marine Corps.”

  • Courtney Kissler, Starbucks (now at Nike)
    “He said, ‘What would it take for you to change your major?’ I said, ‘I don't think I'd be very good at computer science.’"

  • Shannon Lietz, Intuit
    “I remember going to my computer lab at college and being able to log onto the mainframe there. Passwords were really primitive. There wasn't a validation policy for them.”

  • Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM
    “From my perspective, the idea of breaking down the silos has always been the right answer. I really do think the cultural shift needs to take place. However, I don't like the term DevOps sort of, because it's really not dev and ops, it's really business and development and Q&A and operations. It's everybody that has to get this transformation.”

Our DevOps Writers

Our Sonatype blog regularly features writing by women in engineering, customer success, data research, communications, and product marketing across our company. Here is a sampling of popular posts from some of the awesome women who work here:

Nexus User Conference

Several women shared their experiences using the Nexus Platform at our Nexus User Conference. You can watch all of the sessions on-demand. Here are some of the videos.

Helen Beal, Ranger 4
DevOps Culture: The Neuroscience of Behavior


Sable Yemane, Sales Engineer
Cool Tricks You Can Do With Nexus


Santi S. Mulukutla, Customer Success Engineer
(Read Santi’s #IWD tribute to her mentors here.)
Achieving a Managed State Model for Your Software Supply Chain

Stefania Chaplin, Solution Architect
5 Lightning Solutions on the Nexus Platform


Paige Drake, Customer Success Engineer
How to Prevent Developers from Coming at You with Valyrian Steel

Women are also heavily involved in planning and building the material on our self-training learning platform, For example, check out the learning paths for Nexus IQ Server and Nexus Repository. These courses are a collaboration between several people, men and women, under Melanie Latin’s lead.

Looking Ahead

A thank you to the women contributors shown above, as well as those whose work is elsewhere. Women will continue to be an important part of Sonatype, our community, and our industry. We hope this post, and our efforts at large, will encourage more women to consider careers in DevOps or any STEM field.

Oh, and if you were wondering: yes, we are hiring!

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Written by Katie McCaskey

Katie is an experienced technology writer and entrepreneur. At Sonatype, she's focused on creating and finding great content.