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Nexus Platform: New Feature Highlights Q1 2019
On Demand - 45 minutes. 

Sonatype has been very busy this past quarter adding new features to the Nexus Platform. Please register for our on demand webinar from February, where we highlight some of the latest and greatest product enhancements and answer questions.

Whether you are an existing customer or just starting your DevSecOps journey, register to learn about:

  • Improvements to search, cleanup policies, storage, and cloud support in Nexus Repository.
  • Success metric trends, policy enhancements, and expanded Python coverage in Nexus Lifecycle/IQ.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations to CircleCI, PyCharm, and Bitbucket. 

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Michael Prescott
Michael Prescott
Product Owner, Nexus Repository
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Jamie Whitehouse
Product Owner, Nexus IQ
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