One in Six Developers in Healthcare Report Open Source Breaches | Press Release

Webinar: Understanding
ABN AMRO's Software
Supply Chain

How ABN AMRO Embraced CI/CD to Accelerate Innovation and Improve Security 

Listen to a conversation with Stefan Simenon, Head of Centre of Expertise Software Development and Tooling at ABN AMRO, as we discuss the growing reliance on software supply chains, best practices for automating open source governance and the increasing velocity of adversary breaches. Learn how to:
  • Implement OSS governance best practices (or what to do if you don’t have a policy)
  • Automate security across a DevOps pipeline
  • Minimize the risk of open source security breaches 

    DATE AND TIME: On Demand
    DURATION: 45 minutes

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Stefan Simenon
Head of Centre of Expertise Software Development & Tooling at ABN AMRO
Derek Weeks
Vice President at Sonatype
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