The risks & rewards of generative AI in software development

Generative AI adoption has surged in software development despite noted security threats


The software development community has been abuzz with discussions about ChatGPT, generative AI, and its impact on the software development life cycle. In a recent study conducted by Sonatype, it was revealed just how significantly generative AI is shaping the work of software engineers. According to the findings, 97% of developer (DevOps) and application security (SecOps) professionals are already using generative AI in their workflows. The research also highlights the increasing importance of security in generative AI usage, the most commonly used AI tools, and the growing concern over licensing and legalities. 

Read the full survey report to understand:

  • Why engineers and security teams are using generative AI despite security risks
  • How DevOps and SecOps leaders utilize generative AI differently
  • How generative AI may impact the role of developers
And the survey says...


of respondents said they feel pressure to use generative AI


of respondents said they would like to see DevSecOps platforms integrate with generative AI


of respondents are concerned about job loss due to generative AI 

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