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Study Shows High-Performance Dev Teams Fix OSS Vulns 26x Faster | Press Release

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Stop risk from entering into your software supply chain.

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Nexus Firewall Integrations

Take control of your development pipeline with universal language coverage.

Nexus Firewall prevents vulnerable components from entering your SDLC. With support for Java, JavaScript, .NET, Python, Go, Ruby, RPM, and more, Nexus Firewall ensures that your repository is protected.

Enforce Policies with Firewall

You create the rules. We’ll help you enforce them.

Decide which components are allowed into your SDLC based on a common risk factors, including age, popularity, and licensing credentials. From there, configure policy actions to automatically prevent applications from moving forward with unwanted or unapproved components.

Perimeter Control for all Software Supply Chains


Using Artifactory? No problem.
Nexus Firewall supports JFrog’s Artifactory.



Better together: Protect your Nexus Repository
(OSS or Pro) with Firewall.



“[Sonatype] has helped developer productivity. It's like working in the dark and all of a sudden you've got visibility. You can see exactly what you're using and you have suggestions so that, if you can't use something, you've got alternatives. That is huge.”

- C. Chani (Financial Services), IT Central Station Review

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Learn how open source exploits work and get expert guidance on how to remediate risk.
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Discover why accurate data is critical to securing open source code.
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Take a test drive of our data and see for yourself if there are vulnerabilities lurking in your application.

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