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Sonatype Expands its Executive Team Following an Outstanding 2018  Press Release

Automatically stop risk from entering your DevOps pipeline
  • Protect your software supply chain from vulnerable Java, JavaScript, .Net, PyPi, RubyGems, and RPM components.
  • Improve application hygiene and keep your repositories healthy, including staging and release.
  • Automatically stop risky components from entering into your applications.
Defend your DevOps perimeter.
  • Create and enforce policies to protect your development lifecycle.
  • Stop open source risk from polluting your DevOps pipeline.
  • Enable a continuous audit, or take unwanted components out of distribution with quarantine.
Shift security all the way left.
  • Automatically enforce policies and prevent applications from moving forward to staging, or being released with unwanted or unapproved components.
  • Quarantine unwanted components automatically, making them unavailable for use.
  • Receive notifications when unwanted components are identified in applications sent to staging and release.