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Sonatype Expands its Executive Team Following an Outstanding 2018  Press Release

Secure your DevOps perimeter.


Define and enforce rules for component usage.


Stop, analyze, and selectively admit components.


Examine every component at the front door.


Keep production apps safe from risky components.

Take the good.  Leave the bad and the ugly.   

Automatically block vulnerable open source components.
  • Block unwanted Java, JavaScript, .Net, PyPi, RubyGems, and RPM components from entering your software supply chain.
  • Improve application hygiene and protect repositories, including staging and release.
  • Automatically prevent risky components from entering into your applications.
Harness all of the good in open source, but none of the bad.
  • Know which components you should or shouldn’t use, across your enterprise.
  • Create policies to ensure risky components never make it into production applications.
  • Identify defective components, license risk, and architectural quality.

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