Sonatype Delivers Premium Open Source Controls to GitHub | Press Release


We help the world’s leading manufacturers automate their software supply chains.

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“Manufacturers around the globe have long embraced Deming's principles of supply chain automation to improve the safety, quality, and security of physical goods. Today, Nexus products are doing for software manufacturing, what Deming did for traditional manufacturing.”

—Wayne Jackson, CEO at Sonatype


Great Manufacturers Have Three Things in Common

First, they procure parts from fewer and better suppliers. Second, they procure only the best parts from those suppliers. Third, they continuously track and trace the precise location of every part in production.

Lean manufacturing, based on the teachings of Edwards Deming, is a process designed to eliminate waste within any type of factory.  Whether you're manufacturing physical goods or software applications -- you need tools to help you eliminate waste, improve quality, accelerate time to market, and respond rapidly to changing requirements.

Top performing manufacturing companies understand the importance of supply chain hygiene better than anyone. That's why they rely on Nexus products to ensure that they are using the highest quality parts at every step of the software manufacturing process.