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Sonatype Expands its Executive Team Following an Outstanding 2018  Press Release


Lead your team to continuous software success.

The Dev Leader

You build software for a living. That's what you do. And, you're damn good at it. You've seen it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly of building apps. You began as a hot shot coder, and you've grown into a disciplined manager, leading large teams of developers to agile-infused victories. In today's fast paced and hyper competitive world, you're the person responsible for keeping your company competitive by delivering high quality applications, as fast as possible, at scale.

Success requires that you do more of what you are currently doing - and that you do it faster and more efficiently. It is a daunting challenge that would terrify most people. But not you. You're a proven innovator.

When problems arise, you see opportunities to solve them. In years past, you successfully navigated the pitfalls of disorganized and time-engorged waterfall development. More recently, you’ve helped your teams embrace the new frontier of open source and agile development. But you're not done yet. Not by a long shot. Just like us, you've committed your organization to eliminating waste in the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Component heaven or hell?

Today, there is a massive wave of open source parts and third-party components washing constantly across the shores of your development environment. The volume and variety of parts flowing through your organization is staggering.  If properly managed, these parts are a tremendous source of fuel for accelerating innovation. If not, these parts can foster chaos for two simple reasons:

  1. Components are not created equal, and
  2. Components age and can grow stale quickly

From security vulnerabilities, to restrictive licenses, to quality and architecture related pitfalls, the likelihood is that your apps are being built by developers using unhealthy or outdated component parts. While velocity is fast out of the gate, it inevitably grinds to a halt because of constant context switching associated with large amounts of unplanned and unscheduled work.  

This, of course, is the waste known as component chaos.

The solution

At Sonatype, we offer a variety of tools and products to organize and optimize how component parts flow throughout your software supply chain.  We help you and your developers make better component choices early, often, and throughout the software development lifecycle. Simply stated, we allow you to end component chaos and embrace the calm that comes from building software using the best parts from the best suppliers.

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"We use Nexus for dependency resolution. Part of that is to insulate our enterprise infrastructure from general third-party dependencies. We're able to filter that down with our internal repo and make sure that our developers are using things that are pre-approved, that we're allowed to track and update. We also use it to move around internal projects that have cross-dependency between applications in-house."

Chris Corriere
DevOps/Software Engineer, Autotrader
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