Sonatype Nexus Delivers Advanced Staging; Further Simplifying DevOps-Native Software Development


Modern software development teams can now easily control how binaries, build artifacts, and release candidates flow through the DevOps pipeline

Fulton, MD – May 15, 2018  Sonatype, the leader in automated open source governance and DevSecOps, today announced it has released Staging for version 3 of Nexus Repository Professional, giving organizations a simple, powerful, and flexible way to control how binaries, build artifacts, and release candidates move through their DevOps pipelines.

“In modern software development, it is imperative to thoroughly test binaries before they’re deployed to a production system or become accessible to all users” said Sonatype CTO Brian Fox. “Nexus Repository has already become the system of record for managing binaries and build artifacts for more than 10 million developers worldwide. And now, with advanced Staging capabilities, we’ve made it remarkably simple for organizations to control how components move through the SDLC -- which means development teams spend more time innovating; and less time wondering whether components are trusted.”

Key features and benefits of Nexus advanced Staging include:

  • Access Control - Staging allows administrators to define who can see in-house components at different phases of the SDLC, so components aren’t utilized before they’ve been fully tested.
  • Intelligent Grouping - Ability to cluster components together, so you can easily identify builds and manage retention periods by stage. Users will also be able to apply rules and define actions for all builds in future iterations.
  • Flexibility - Staging makes it effortless to move components between the various release stages through a Rest API and tags that are created when components are uploaded.
  • Easy Orchestration - Control the workflow from external CI/CD tools, or apply to other use cases employing a “toolkit” style implementation.
  • Integrations and Formats - Available for maven2, user defined layout (raw), docker, and npm repositories. Support for additional formats currently compatible with Nexus Repository will follow in the coming months along with integrations for Jenkins and Maven.

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