Sonatype Advances Software Supply Chain Management with New Platform Enhancements


Company upgrades platform with boosted product capabilities and refreshed branding to drive developer productivity and intelligent security 

April 25, 2023 -- Fulton, Md. -- Sonatype, the pioneer of software supply chain management, today unveiled new product capabilities and refined product names as part of a strengthened platform. These enhancements are designed to give organizations greater customization capabilities, clearer security context, and more organizational control, empowering developer teams and their organizations to deliver innovative software safer, faster, and at scale.

New product features have been added to bolster Sonatype’s industry-leading software supply chain management platform. Enhancements include:

  • Boosted Security Policy Management: Prioritize and maximize remediation efforts with intelligent policy creation and management in Sonatype Lifecycle, ensuring that the most impactful security vulnerabilities are tackled first.
  • Deeper Insights and Benchmarking: Efficiently make decisions with proprietary, data-driven insights using Sonatype Lifecycle enhancements like Migration Scorecards, Nudges and Anomalies, and Stack Divergence.
  • Easier Management at Enterprise Scale: Onboard applications, inherit policy and manage open source across a multi-level management hierarchy easily and at scale in Sonatype Lifecycle, and improve build times with a multi-install repository landscape using Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Accelerate component selection and automated policy enforcement with streamlined usability in Sonatype Repository Firewall.
  • Platform High Availability (HA): Manage mission critical software with increased scalability through Sonatype Lifecycle and Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro.
  • Containers for Air-Gapped Environments: Adopt containers in air-gapped networks more easily with the addition of Dockerfiles for disconnected environments. 

The Nexus Platform has evolved into the Sonatype Platform to better reflect the unique capabilities of the entire solution. Nexus Repository remains with its steadfast brand reputation among its millions of users.

“Recent cybersecurity regulatory efforts, issuance of new rules and software liability guidance from governments and agencies around the world prove just how critical software supply chain management is. Organizations cannot innovate without full visibility into their software supply chains,” said Mitchell Johnson, Chief Product Development Officer at Sonatype. “By offering deeper intelligence and enhanced functionality, we’re empowering developers and engineering teams to find and fix risk earlier and innovate faster with safer open source. We’re proud to offer a state-of-the-art platform that is proactively evolving to address the needs of our customers, and are thrilled for what’s ahead.”

Along with these bolstered features, the Sonatype Platform also has a new visual identity. Refreshed platform and product logos subtly capture the core capabilities of Sonatype’s platform and its role in protecting the software supply chain, while reflecting Sonatype’s mission of connectedness and empowerment.

“The demand for software supply chain management tools continues to skyrocket as cybersecurity threats grow in number and sophistication,” said Alex Berry, President at Sonatype. “This evolved platform illustrates our continued growth and commitment to helping organizations accelerate innovation without sacrificing security.”

To learn more about the new Sonatype Platform enhancements, visit the Sonatype blog.

About Sonatype
Sonatype is the software supply chain management company. We enable organizations to innovate faster in a highly competitive market. Our industry-leading platform empowers engineers to develop software fearlessly and focus on building products that power businesses. Sonatype researchers have analyzed more than 120 million open source components – 40x more than its competitors – and the Sonatype platform has automatically blocked over 115,000 malicious components from attacking software development pipelines. Enabling high-quality, secure software helps organizations meet their business needs and those of their customers and partners. More than 2,000 organizations, including 70% of the Fortune 100 and 15 million software developers, rely on our tools and guidance to be ambitious, move fast and do it securely.