Resources Blog World Open Source Day: What we learned

World Open Source Day: What we learned

Why host World Open Source Day? 

There were three internal goals for World Open Source Day: For every individual to better understand that the mission of Sonatype founded on open source, to connect across teams and to develop new technical skillsets. And I've got to say, we've absolutely knocked those metrics out of the park. This couldn't have been such a success without each and every one of our technical and non-technical community showing up, jumping on your keyboards, and giving back something on this day.

Below are some of the resources that Sonatype and the broader developer community was able to bring together in just one day of Open Source Contribution!

Top non-tech resources developed on World Open Source Day:

  1. Why companies should contribute to open source - and how to do it
  2. Make your first GitHub repository with women at Sonatype! 
  3. First episode of Wicked Good Development podcast!
  4. Meet an open source project maintainer Q/A 

Top 5 open source project contributions:


Top 5 comments from World Open Source Day:

  1. "You don't need to be an exceptional developer to meaningfully contribute to open source."

  2. "I learned a lot about Microsoft's OSS stance, and about how projects get abandoned."

  3. "Attended both W3 Accessibility Guideline on the Open Web, lead by Jenni Kobylski and Women at Sonatype Repository, led by Ankita Lamba. Learned not just the technical aspects, but the cultural importance of Open Source as a community and integral part of technology past and future."

  4. I'd have liked for this to be a whole World Open Source Week!

  5. "Hervé Boutemy has been maintaining Maven for 15 years - WOW!"

While this was an internal initiative, we got retweets to celebrate the day from several major organizations including Anaconda, Red Hat, Open Source Org and dozens of others with the hashtag #OpenSourceDay right on February 3rd. Next year we're ready to make this a global success!

In the meantime, let's keep making the world a better place, one git commit at a time.

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Written by Sal Kimmich

Sal is a developer advocate for open source at Sonatype and passionate about helping engineers, ethical hackers and digital enthusiasts understand the complexity of modern software development. With over a decade of experience as a machine learning engineer in the healthcare and tech for good sectors, their work is now focused on filling the cracks in the open source software supply chain to build a better digital future for all of us.