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The latest DevSecOps podcast playlist

As we head into the 4th of July holiday in the U.S., we thought it would be fun to compile a podcast playlist for those wishing to catch up on the latest industry discussions. Enjoy!

Show: DevOps and Drinks

Episode: Debut episode

Hosts Gina Smith and Michael Araneta discuss accelerating productivity, digital value streams, and DevSecOps during COVID-19. One topic in particular stands out: automating policy control with a policy engine. Their guest, Reuben Athaide from Standard Charter Bank, explains why they use Sonatype Lifecycle.

Show: The New Stack Context

Episode: The Secret of Successful DevSecOps Shops


Sonatype's Derek Weeks discusses the challenges organizations face embedding security within their DevOps practices. They also ponder the reasons behind the puzzling finding that those companies with mature DevSecOps actually have more security breaches.

Show: DevOps Shorts

Episode: It's All in the Feedback Loops!

Derek talks with host Ant Weiss about what it was like growing up in Silicon Valley and what DevSecOps really looks like in the real world. He discusses why continuous learning is such a great thing, and how visualizing feedback loops makes DevOps concepts easier to grasp.

Show: InfoQ Engineering Culture

Episode: Derek Weeks On The 2020 DevSecOps Community Survey Results


Host Shane Hastie talks with Derek Weeks about the unusual findings of our seventh annual DevSecOps Community Survey, which revealed how developer happiness influences software security. Turns out that organizations with mature DevOps practices have more security tools and security is more tightly integrated into the overall environment. The same organizations have a higher percentage of happier developers.

Show: MyDevSecOp

Episode: The Evolution of the Software Supply Chain Attack

Sonatype's Ilkka Turunen discusses the history of software supply chain attacks. He discusses what makes the latest attack, Octopus Scanner, novel and newly dangerous, and why it is important to understand how it works. Scan to see if Octopus is lurking in your IDE.

Show: DevSecOps: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Episode: Sean Davis: How to Evangelize Your Digital Transformation


Sonatype's Zack Conord hosts ongoing conversations with industry leaders. His latest interview is with Sean Davis, who led digital transformations at organizations like Equifax, IHG, and Deloitte. Sean talks about the importance of tailor messaging DevSecOps benefits to different groups within an organization (business executives, security, or development), based on their needs.

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