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Building a Business Case for DevSecOps?  Our New Dashboard Can Help.

Many DevOps practices have implemented tools to deliver applications faster, while minimizing risk related to open source and third party components. Our Nexus Lifecycle solution was designed to do just that, scale DevOps early and everywhere with precise intelligence about the hygiene of the open source components you are consuming. With this intelligence, you can automate the enforcement of your open source policies and deliver secure applications at scale.

But how do you really know when you have been successful and how do you share that information with your management team? I am pleased to announce that we have just released a new dashboard designed to provide visibility into key metrics summarizing adoption and issue resolution. The new Success Metrics dashboard shows you (and your manager) how many policy violations were identified with Nexus Lifecycle, how critical they were, and more importantly how quickly they are being resolved (MTTR).



Identify the average number of policy violations discovered by month, per application for security, license, and quality issues and see how quickly they are being resolved. With this information, you can expand usage within your organization and ensure you are developing and delivering only the highest quality applications. Learn more about the dashboard and how it works by watching this video.



The Success Metrics Dashboard is available in Nexus Lifecycle. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.

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Written by Michelle Dufty

Michelle Dufty is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Sonatype where she brings solutions to market that unite development, security, and operations teams to accelerate software innovation while minimizing open source risk.