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Sonatype Lifecycle and Firewall now available in the cloud

Today, we are pleased to announce that Sonatype Lifecycle and Sonatype Repository Firewall are now available in the cloud, in addition to on-premise and disconnected environments. Our software supply chain management tools enable precise risk identification and continuous, automated policy enforcement within your organization. Backed by Sonatype’s best-in-class data on third-party open source software, your teams can run anywhere to secure the software development lifecycle with minimal effort.

Sonatype has been a leader in self-hosted options for developer services and the software supply chain for over a decade. Now we welcome customers to deploy our services on the cloud.

Our announcement means Sonatype is the only vendor in the application security testing (AST) and software composition analysis (SCA) industry to offer cloud, self-hosted, and disconnected deployment options. Sonatype Cloud makes it simpler than ever to integrate, manage, and secure your software supply chain.


Why choose Sonatype on the cloud?

Development velocity and cybersecurity have become increasingly intertwined as businesses continue to function in a digital world. The fact that 97% of all enterprise code gets built with open source software underlines the vital necessity to keep vulnerabilities out.

Teams rely on a wide range of development tools to run their operations, and ensuring that these tools are up-to-date and secure is crucial. Estimates say that by 2026 cloud spending will exceed 45% of all enterprise IT spending, up from less than 17% in 2021.

In addition to the rising popularity of cloud, there has been an astonishing 742% increase in software supply chain attacks over the past three years. Now with Sonatype, teams can secure against threats to their SDLC on a flexible cloud deployment.

By the end of 2022: enterprise spending on cloud services is estimated to reach $482 billion.

Cloud-delivered Sonatype Lifecycle and Sonatype Repository Firewall mean these teams can focus on the velocity of their pipelines, without compromising their development budget.

Here’s a few reasons we are excited to offer cloud:

  • Eliminate infrastructure and maintenance requirements: It's more simple than ever to secure your software development lifecycle. This helps you:
    • Scale quickly. Adapt to changing priorities and requirements easily. Add new teams, apps, and users, with zero deployment.
    • Eliminate waste. Get what you need, when you need it. Avoid overpaying for space or instances you don’t need.
    • Simplify integration. Configurable APIs make it easy to connect with the systems and tools you already have in place.
  • Digital transformation: Many on-premise development tools require in-house infrastructure and people to keep them working and effective. Teams shifting to cloud hosting can minimize their IT footprint.
  • Enterprise-grade security: Our SOC and ISO 27001 certifications mean that security is built into every layer of our cloud deployment.

Have questions or want to see a demo?

Sonatype products run anywhere

Our software supply chain management tools can reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities and compliance issues. Development teams of every size can improve operational efficiency.

Sonatype is ready to meet companies where they are, whether it be in the cloud, self-hosted, or in disconnected environments.


“The Sonatype Platform helps companies innovate even faster by eliminating the tradeoffs between application security and developer productivity in the software supply chain. That this capability is now also available in the cloud makes it easier than ever for companies to realize the efficiency and security benefits the Sonatype delivers to thousands of companies and millions of developers every day” - Mitchell Johnson, Chief Product Development Office (CPDO)

If you’d like to see Sonatype products on cloud, request a demo today.


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