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Pursue growth with a software engineering internship at Sonatype

What does "pursue growth" mean to you? At Sonatype, it's one of our core values and it means that we're not only focusing on the growth of the company itself but the professional and personal development of our employees as well. The world is reaping the benefits of open source software at an ever-increasing rate, and our mission has always been to help developers do their jobs faster and better. That simply wouldn’t be possible without championing the pursuit of growth in all areas at Sonatype.

The current version of our software engineering internship program was created because we believe that Sonatype is the best environment for passionate learners to pursue growth and experience the complexity of modern software development.

Sonatype's software engineering internship program is a win-win for everyone involved

Our internship program matches learners with Sonatype employees who can help them explore their passions and hone their skills. We've made it our mission to empower the next generation of software developers with the ability to detect, manage, and remediate emerging risks. Our interns aren't just here to get coffee (as the general stereotype goes), the students who share our passion for better software development bring vital new ideas and energy to the teams they join. Every single person that comes into our program is there because we saw their drive and promise.

In return, interns at Sonatype get the space to explore new perspectives and collaborate with like-minded professionals who respect authenticity and champion diversity. And as a growth organization, we advocate opportunities across the company both during the internship and after.

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How the software engineering internship program works

We match learners with their team at Sonatype based on two important things: the technologies they're studying and their career goals. After that, hiring managers perform interviews, and learners who become interns are paired up with employees within their respective teams who act as success sponsors.

Over the next 12 weeks, they work closely with their success sponsors to further develop their knowledge and even have the opportunity to continue working with them in a reduced capacity throughout the school year.

Don't just take it from us, take it from Sonatype interns themselves

This year's software engineering internship program has come to a close. Thank you to all of the interns who took part and shared your knowledge and ideas with us throughout the journey. Regardless of whether or not you're ever a Sonatyper again, we're excited to see where your paths lead you.

"Sonatype and the Lift Team have taught me so much about software engineering and working in the tech industry. Their inclusive environment also made this internship such an amazing experience." - Karan Patel, Lift Team

"My internship experience at Sonatype enabled me to learn so many new things that will be of great benefit to my future career. I was able to work on multiple projects that allowed me to explore many fields surrounding data science. I loved everyone I worked with and was happy to see how Sonatype's core values reflect in the people. I had more fun working than I anticipated for a professional role. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work at a company with such a bright future." - Anna Hubbard, Research and Analytics 

"The RNA team embraced me like a brother, and everyone was willing to help me succeed throughout my time at the Internship." - John Sangarie, Research and Analytics

"Loving every bit of the internship so far, Sonatype does it differently here and I love it!" - Aminat Alimi, Information Security


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