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Nexus Repository 3.12: Support for S3 Blob Stores

I am pleased to announce that Nexus Repository 3.12 now offers first class support for S3-based blob stores.

As you may know, NXRM 3 stores two kinds of component data -  metadata about the components and the component binaries themselves. Until now, binaries were stored on a file system in a ‘blob store’ directory managed by NXRM.

With this latest release, you can now define a new type of blob store backed by an Amazon S3 bucket. This means that NXRM can store all of your component binaries within S3.

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S3 Blob Stores are good storage choice for AWS-based deployments of NXRM. S3 makes capacity planning trivial compared to provisioning local storage and scales to staggeringly high volumes without additional configuration. Additionally, S3 has an extensive SLA for availability and durability.

High Availability Clusters with S3

If you’re planning on rolling out an NXRM High Availability Cluster in a single zone, an S3 blob store also makes a great shared storage option.

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Community S3 Plugin Users

If you have been using the community plugin for S3, good news: it “just works.” When you upgrade, make sure you don’t add the S3 plugin to your 3.12 installation so that the existing S3 blob store configuration will be picked up automatically.

Migrating to S3

We know! Some of you are keen to get your components out of your file blob store and up into S3. There isn’t yet a great mechanism for doing this, but we’re cooking something up right now to make that process easy.


If you’re using S3 and NXRM, we want to hear about your experience. Let us know what you think at


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