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New on Sonatype Learn: Outcome-based training, new courses, and a new look!

The goal within the Customer Success organization here at Sonatype is simple: To maximize the value our customers receive from our products. Our popular Learn site, which hosts customer-focused, on-demand training, has undergone several improvements over the last few months, each constructed with our customer's success in mind!

Outcome-based learning paths

With the introduction of learning paths, we're making the process of learning easier – and more comprehensive – than ever before. Learners will set out on a journey (quite literally) where they will first build a base of foundational knowledge, then progress through milestones that represent higher-level understanding.

Our learners will work their way through the milestones to reach "Journey's End," where they have an opportunity to earn a certificate of completion. More than just a "badge of honor," these certificates provide management and team leads an insight to the progress of their teams; whether during initial rollout, employee onboarding, or a renewed commitment to getting the most out of Sonatype's products.

Like all Learn site content, learning paths are self-paced, meaning learners can access the content as convenient for them – and revisit it as often as they like. With learning paths, however, we've collected content from across all Sonatype properties and beyond: Guides, help documentation, blogs, articles, and eLearning courses. In other words, we’ve done the legwork and amassed all of the expert-sourced materials, organized them logically, and presented them with our customer’s success in mind.

Click here for more information and take a look below at the paths we are rolling out with this initial launch. Rest assured, as with everything on the Learn site, more is on the way!

Course updates – at the speed of innovation

We certainly live what we preach here at Sonatype, especially when it comes to innovation. As our products change and improve, so too must the educational content available to our users. We are constantly updating our content to reflect changes in how our products are best used.

One course that recently received a major overhaul is IQ-102: Using Nexus IQ in Your IDE.

Updates to the course include:

  • More content on how to select quality components
  • More videos added into the course, including:
    • Installing, configuring and using the Eclipse IDE
    • Analyzing component risks against organizations policies
    • Working with direct and transitive dependencies
    • Remediation overview

Overall, an improved experience

On top of the Learning Paths and ongoing content updates, visitors to the Learn site over the last several months have likely noticed a new look and feel. New course layouts make navigating easier and offer users the ability to move immediately to the content they want. More content per screen means fewer clicks-to-task. Learners also have access to a customized dashboard, offering them information about their progress that we previously couldn't.

While look-and-feel go a long way in creating a better user experience, the improvements on the new Learn site aren't all visual. As with Learning Paths, all course completions now earn a certificate, accessible from the aforementioned learner dashboard, which neatly organizes all content with which a learner has engaged, making accessing this content in the future easier than ever before.

"Only a year in, and we're constantly innovating in our release learner-focused upgrades," says Melanie Latin, Sonatype's eLearning Manager. "Learners who have previously visited the Learn Site will certainly notice the upgrades in both content and overall experience; and first-time visitors will continue to see the Learn site grow."

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Written by Dan Fletcher

Senior eLearning Developer at Sonatype | Camp Hill, Pennsylvania