Resources Blog Java JEP'DY. Sometimes you just have to let your hair down.

Java JEP'DY. Sometimes you just have to let your hair down.

I've been at Sonatype for a few months and it's been quite the roller coaster. A stupid amount of fun as we grow the DevReal team, figure out what's important, what’s not and how to do all the usual stuff that DevRel teams do.

The major ups and downs have come mostly from two things:

  1. The knock-on effects from COVID-19 (problematic travel, inability to meet in person etc.).

  2. One and now two (or three) major Java vulnerabilities.

Just before the end of 2021 Log4Shell hit the streets. Wrong metaphor probably but you know what I mean. Then literally this week we see the appearance of Spring4Shell and a similar but different Spring RCE.

Fun and games

Whatever Java related role you have now it's been an unusually stress full few months for many of us. In recognition of this (and to be honest just because it's a fun thing). Sonatype has been working with the London Java Community, Microsoft and a great developer called Hanno Embregts to create a game we can all play. Online or face to face.

You can guess from the title that this game is inspired by the original Jeopardy TV series.

Our game consists of a series of clues that the contestants have to use to guess the question. For instance the clue "In Java 15 we said goodbye to this German rhinoceros." might have the question "What is Nashorn." Simple huh? Each successful answer scores points. Each wrong guess costs points. Winner takes all.

Clues, clues, clues

All the clues are Java related. Some of the categories we have include:

  • Cryptic Keywords - Cryptic clues that match Java language reserved words
  • Java through the Ages - History of Java of course
  • Deprecated - Rarely used features
  • Billy's cup of Joe - Clues about real Java tech from our very own Billy Korando
There are many more but we're still greedy. Submit your clues.

Where to play

The game's not quite available yet to download (it's still in 0.1 mode) but we're taking it for its first outing at Devnexus and then on to so other conferences. Look at the list below to see if it's coming to a conference near you. (Check back though as the list will expand). Or ask your local Java user group to reach out and we’ll either come run it or provide the software to them.

JEP'DY road trip 

Current locations and dates:

If you want to play the game at any of these conferences, please visit the Sonatype or Microsoft booths.

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