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How to Video Training: Open Source Component Management and Intelligence

As a developer I am constantly chasing new tools and enjoy learning new things. I read a lot of blog posts, tutorials and documentation. And I listen to podcasts and attend webinars as well. More and more I find that watching videos of conference and webinar presentations is great.  But even better are shorter, focused videos that give you a  chance to quickly learn something new.  

As a long-time trainer for Apache Maven and Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager, I’ve spent considerable time  in the last few years recording and editing numerous short tutorial videos, I want to share with the community.

Are you interested in learning more about software supply chain automation? Or understanding the value of  Nexus Repository Manager or the Nexus IQ Server? Or maybe how to publish to the Central Repository or integrate with other tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, SonarQube and others.

I've included a few of the video descriptions to give you a glimpse of the topics I cover. Register here and get full access to the complete training series. 



Publishing Components from Jenkins to Nexus Repository Manager

This popular video is about how to use the  continuous integration server Jenkins with  Nexus Repository. Learn  how to proxy from and publish to the Nexus Repository with tools such as Jenkins, Hudson or Bamboo. 

Automated Releases with Staging

The series Empowering Releases with the Nexus Staging Suite includes 25 short videos that show you all aspects of using the Nexus Repository Manager Pro. I’ve selected the video on automated releases as a good entry point to understand usage and benefits of the Nexus staging suite.

Project Object Model - POM?

“Easy Publishing to the Central Repository” is a short series of videos we created to help all members of open source projects that want to distribute their releases easily and reliably. In this episode you learn more about the Project Object Model as defined by Apache Maven and required to submit your open source components to the Central Repository.

Enable Component Version Discovery

This video shows one of my favorite features of  Nexus Repository that lets you research  available component versions. This tip and much more are covered in the Nexus 2 Minute Challenge series.

And this is just the start of it all. There are many more interesting videos I will share for you to use as a free free training resource. Get the first series here. Enjoy!

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Written by Manfred Moser

Manfred is a former author, trainer, and community advocate at Sonatype. He speaks regularly at conferences such as JavaOne, OSCON, DevOpsDays. He is a long time open source developer and contributor.