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CVE-2019-7238 in Nexus Repository Manager 3

In late December of 2018, researchers Rico from Tencent Security Yunding Lab and Voidfyoo from Chaitin Tech responsibly disclosed a critical vulnerability in Nexus Repository Manager 3 (NXRM) - CVE-2019-7238.

We responded immediately, and on February 5 we released NXRM 3.15 which fixed the identified vulnerability and removed the threat. We subsequently took numerous steps across multiple distribution channels to reach all Nexus Repository customers and users to ensure that they were aware of the issue and provide proper support.

Today, we noticed chatter in the community in response to this article.

The purpose of this post is to again emphasize the importance of upgrading to the latest version of Nexus Repository.


If you run into any problems, or have any questions/concerns, please contact us by filing a ticket at

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