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Is it time for a Nexus Repository Health Check? Come to the Nexus Office Hours to get your Diagnosis.

If your repository contained a jar file with a known vulnerability, how would you know? What would it mean to you to have that sort of visibility into your repository health? This isn’t probably something you consider often since one of the benefits of having a repository manager is enforcing component standards. But as you know, organizations still struggle with the challenge of ensuring developers and build systems only acquire components from the repository manager. Which is why, having the ability to run a Repository Health Check is an added benefit every repository manager should be aware of.

In this week’s Nexus Office Hours, we’re going to spend some time showing you how quick and easy it is to identify specific components with security vulnerabilities and unacceptable licenses. You will be able about to see a summary view of the artifacts that have been analyzed in the selected repository and the number of security and license alerts that have been detected. This includes:

  • A breakdown of the vulnerabilities based on severity and threat level
  • The number of licenses detected in each category and what licenses could be causing conflicts

Spend this hour with our Nexus experts and let them show you how to start using the Repository Health Check to see a complete breakdown of vulnerabilities and threats that span your entire development lifecycle. See you there!

How to join: No registration required. Just RSVP on Google+ and the event will appear in your google calendar. You can join through your calendar invite or by returning to the event page.

Do you have Nexus expertise to share? Join this month's Nexus Ninja panel. Leave us a comment on the event page and we'll invite you to join the video conference. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up early!

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