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Sony PS3 Hacked Again

Infosecurity – (International) Sony PS3 hacked again. Sony’s policy of maintaining control over what software can run on its PS3 console has been undermined — some suggest permanently — by the release of the PS3 LVO decryption keys. The PS3 has been hacked before, notably by a hacking group called fail0verflow - 14 - which discovered the ECDSA cryptographic key used by the console to authorize highlevel operations. This allowed users to run any code, rather than just Sony-allowed code. Sony responded with the release of the 3.60 firmware, which plugged most known security holes. Now, a group called the Three Muskateers has leaked the LVO decryption keys. According to Eurogamer, “the reveal of the LV0 key basically means that any system update released by Sony going forward can be decrypted with little or no effort whatsoever.”


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