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Sonatype Survey Findings: Now with Granularity

As everyone probably knows by now, we recently announced the findings of our annual survey of developers, architects, and managers. We were fortunate to have more than 2,500 responses to this year's survey. If you missed it, you can find the details in the press release.

Many of you have requested access to the individual graphics we produced for the findings so you can link to and share individual slides. Here are the survey results:

Click here to view the Survey Results

We put together a slick little gallery where you can access and share any of the individual images.



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Written by Charles Gold

Charles is the former CMO at Sonatype. He is now the EVP of Strategy and CMO at Atomicorp. His experience spans product marketing; product management; brand & category strategy; multi-channel digital marketing; ABM; field marketing; PR & analyst relations; martech; and full-funnel analytics.