Resources Blog Now Available: Nexus OSS 2.0.4

Now Available: Nexus OSS 2.0.4

Sonatype is pleased to announce the release of Nexus OSS 2.0.4. Nexus 2.0.4 OSS is available and ready for download immediately. If you are new to Nexus, or if you are an existing user, go to, click on the download button and get started.

Nexus OSS 2.0.4: A Focus on Usability

One of the common complaints we hear from new users is that it isn't immediately obvious how to interact with the tool. How do you connect Maven or other build tools to it? What are the basic benefits to gain from integrating Nexus into your development infrastructure?

If you are new to repository management, a single, Google-style search field isn't enough. You are looking for answers. In this OSS release, we've added some contextual help to the Welcome page as well as some links to new and existing resources for Nexus users.

For years we've always tried to go out of our way to document the product: we have a free Nexus book and we maintain a knowledge base covering common tasks. We wanted to connect these resources with the initial Nexus experience and to do that we've listed three popular getting pages from our Knowledge Base:

If you find our Knowledge Base useful, we encourage you to leave comments on existing articles or sign-up and add a new article. We built our new support and knowledge base tools atop Zendesk and they complement our active community-oriented presence on GetSatisfaction.

Staying Connected to Nexus Updates

If you use Nexus OSS, we encourage you to sign-up for the Nexus Newsletter. This is a low-volume mailing list for product and security announcements and a monthly newsletter highlighting new resources for Nexus users. If you depend on Nexus, you should be on this list to be to the first to find out about relevant updates and security patches. To sign-up for this list, click on the first link listed under Stay Connected, or click here and click on "Sign-up for Nexus Newsletter".

Other resources on the Welcome page of Nexus are Twitter and the Sonatype Blog. Sonatype's Twitter feed (@sonatypecm) is a steady stream of relevant blog posts, links, and retweets from the community, and our blog is focused repository management. Our goal with this release is to make sure that every user understands that even Nexus OSS comes with a rich set of community support resources.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, concerns, or requests about our new effort to "forward-deploy" our documentation and support for Nexus.

Nexus OSS 2.0.4 Release Notes


  • [NEXUS-5024] - Problem reporting doesn't work through http proxy
  • [NEXUS-5032] - XSS vulnerability in /artifact/maven/resolve REST endpoint

Security and License

  • [NEXUS-5028] - update embedded eula
  • [NEXUS-5031] - Upgrade to latest Jetty 7.x to solve known denial of service security vulnerabilities
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