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Highlights from EclipseCon 2011

The week is wrapping up and the Sonatype team has had a chance to fully digest everything that was learned at EclipseCon 2011. From gaining valuable insight into the Tycho project to some innovative apps, everyone took home something different from the conference. It was a great week that led to many favorite moments that we thought we'd share.

EclipseCon 2011 highlights

  • "Meeting with Tycho developers from SAP for a face-to-face development session. It was completely ad-hoc, we just grabbed a table in the hotel lobby and worked on Tycho for few hours. Also, there was significant interest in Tycho, especially in an end-to-end solution that covers IDE, build, repository and deployment use cases." - Igor (Software Developer)
  • "The p2 talks were well attended, with the hottest one being our talk with Ian Bull from EclipseSource on the do's and don'ts of p2. It was good to talk to people using p2 to provision farms of machine in the cloud. Finally there were also some good discussions on the future of p2 in Virgo." - Pascal (Software Developer)
  • "The Mobione app to make iPhone apps without programming was great for us marketing-types." - Terry (Director, Product Marketing)
  • Best food goes to: "The Burrito Station at the Exhibitor Reception!" - Emily (Community Manager)

Lastly, our session Next Generation Development Infrastructure: Maven, m2eclipse, Nexus & Hudson, led by Jason van Zyl was a highlight of the week for us. Thank you to all who attended, it was great to see such an interest in the next generation of development infrastructure and we look forward to working with the community to realize this vision.

We also wanted to say thank you to the Eclipse Foundation and everyone who helps make EclipseCon possible.

Stay tuned to the Sonatype blog next week as we'll detail some of our presentations from EclipseCon.

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