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Our Focus on Advancing Hudson and Making Great Software

Sonatype’s perspective regarding the Hudson Project is pretty simple: we have been and will continue to be committed to advancing Hudson and making better software available to the community of Hudson users.

Very recently, Sonatype completed significant development in the evolution of Hudson's core architecture. The benefits of these changes include better leveraging of industry standards, increased performance and stability, and tight integration with Maven 3 that provides greater visibility into running builds. We are continuing to add engineers to our Hudson team and are working hard with the Hudson community to move much of the work we've done here to

Our work on Hudson is consistent with Sonatype’s long history of investment and community support. Our work with Maven at the Apache Software Foundation, with m2eclipse at the Eclipse Foundation, and with Nexus (our open source repository manager) all underscore our commitment to innovation for open source and commercial users alike.

Are we a commercial enterprise? Absolutely. However, our track record of open source innovation and community contribution speaks for itself. At Sonatype, we've always focused on the code, and that's where we're focused today with Hudson.

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Written by Wayne Jackson

Wayne is the CEO of Sonatype, a role he has held since 2010. Prior to Sonatype, Wayne served as the CEO of open source network security pioneer Sourcefire, Inc. (NASDAQ:FIRE), which he guided from fledgling start-up through an IPO in March of 2007, later acquired by Cisco for $2.7 billion. Before Sourcefire, Wayne co-founded Riverbed Technologies, a wireless infrastructure company, and served as its CEO until the sale of the company for more than $1 billion in March of 2000.