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Maven Team Announces Release of Apache Maven 3.0-beta-1

The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Maven 3.0-beta-1. While there is still important work to be done on Maven 3, the project has successfully transitioned form alpha to beta. Maven is a project comprehension and build tool, designed to simplify the process of maintaining a healthy development lifecycle for your project.

You can read more here:

Downloads of source and binary distributions are listed in our download section:

A major goal of Maven 3.0 is to be compatible, to the extent possible, with existing plugins and projects designed for Maven 2.x. Users interested in testing this beta release should have a glance at the compatibility notes for known differences between Maven 3.0 and Maven 2.x:

If you encounter unexpected problems while using Maven 3.0-beta-1, please feel free to contact us via the Maven developer list:

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