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Flexmojos Two Years Later

On March 18 2008 I checked in the first bits of code for Flexmojos. Two years later, here we are: Flexmojos now provides first-class support for Flex and AIR development within Apache Maven. It allows for Maven to compile, optimize, and test Flex SWF, Flex SWC, Air SWF and Air SWC and Air files.

We are celebrating this anniversary with a dual release of Flexmojos 3.6 and Flexmojos 4.0-pre-alpha-1.

Flexmojos 3.6 Release

Flexmojos 3.6 most relevant changes:

  • Add a new source-view goal which goal produces a syntax highlighted version of the as, mxml and html if they are bundled in a SWF (thanks to Julien Nicoulaud for this contribution)
  • Some fixes to Flexbuilder metadata generation
  • Add support to Flex SDK and newer
  • Add support for building applications using Flashplayer 10.1 and Air 2.0
  • New configuration includeAsClasses for SWC compilation. Wildcard support for includeClasses
  • Generator mojo now supports package translation between Java and generated AS3
  • Support for granite generator 2.1 (thanks to Kyle Lebel)

For a full list of changes on 3.6, visit this page:

Flexmojos 4.0 Pre Alpha 1

First, Flexmojos 4.0-pre-alpha-1 disclaimer: "IT IS A PRE-ALPHA, use at your own risk." Many features available in 3.x are simply not implemented yet, but it also supports many compiler options currently not available in Flexmojos 3.x.

The biggest change in Flexmojos 4.0 vs. Flexmojos 3.x is that we're starting to use the compiler OEM API and not the OEM wrapper. Why are we making this change? The OEM wrapper was seriously out of date, and it was almost impossible to keep up with the latest changes and available options. By coding directly to the OEM API, we will be able to ship with the latest stable FDK available at release date. Flexmojos is the first version of Flexmojox that is designed for Maven 3.

Again, Flexmojos 4.0-pre-alpha-1, as the name suggests, IS A PRE-ALPHA. Not destined for production. If you decide to use it - keep in mind it may need patches, bug fixes, breaks some work on backward compatibility.

In summary, it has been a great two years of working on Flexmojos. We've made a difference for developers with Flexmojos, and I hope the next two years are as fruitful as the last two years.

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