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Welcome to the weekly roundup of blog posts that mention Nexus, Maven, and other projects that Sonatype developers contribute to.

Tomas Malmsten's blog: Automating Android test project with Maven
"The last post explored how to enable Maven builds in a standard Android Eclipse project. This post will show how to enable the test project to be built with Maven. It will be a bit simpler to enable Maven builds in the test project since we will not need to do any of the prep work. The only thing required is to create a pom file for the test project..."
By Tomas Malmsten, on Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stupid Java Tricks: Spring 3.0 RESTful Web Services By Example
"If you’re reading this then you’re probably aware that the new Spring 3.0 release will have REST support (If you’re not familiar with REST here is a nice intro). In this article I’m going to describe the basic steps required to quickly get a RESTful XML web service going using the latest Spring 3 release candidate (3.0.0.RC3). In future follow-up articles I will describe how to switch between JSON and XML using selectors and how to use the Spring REST Template to read RESTful web services."
By Tony, on Dec 01, 2009

Caoyuan's Blog: How to Setup Dependencies Aware Maven Project for Scala
"I have to say, maintain a couple of dependent projects via Ant is a headache, just like me and others may have encountered when use NetBeans' Scala plugin to create and maintain plain Scala projects, these projects, are all Ant based. It's difficult to write a generic Ant template to compute the dependencies graph and then choose the best building path. The building process of cross dependent projects becomes very slow because the redundant enter/exit dependent projects building task."
By Caoyuan Deng, on Saturday Nov 28, 2009 Testing PDF files with Canoo Webtest and Maven2
"This week I received one of that lovely and tricky tasks: to learn Canoo webtest, test it and prove its usefulness to the project in three days - convincing the managers that it should be part of the project. The goal of the project is to produce a finance report with ~200 pages and that report should be validated through a zero-errors acceptance test. Several tools were considered, including Selenium and others, but Canoo was choosen due to its PDF test features."
By Felipe Gaucho, on November 18, 2009

Maven Android Developers Group: Maven Android Plugin 2.2.1 released
"We released Maven Android Plugin 2.2.1 yesterday. It's mainly a bugfix release. A big thank you to Erik Hjortsberg for your patches, and also thank you to Manfred Moser for another round of pom cleanup."
By Hugo Josefson, on Tue, 17 Nov 2009 Maven and Legacy Projects
"Recently I've been helping a colleague introduce a dependency on a legacy project that hasn't been "Maven-ized". Often the "easy way" to add a legacy dependency is to throw the JAR into our Nexus repository and be done with it. But this legacy project was a little trickier and is my new poster child for why taking the easy way can lead to headaches and frustration."
By Brian R. Jackson, on Monday, November 16, 2009

JavaLobby: More Groovy Magic with Maven pom Files
"Last time, I introduced some of the new Groovy support available in Maven 3, and looked at how you will be able to write your pom files in Groovy, or in other non-XML notations. In this article, we'll take a further look at what you can do with a Maven pom file written in Groovy."
By John Ferguson Smart on Mon, 02 Nov 2009

Google Web Toolkit Blog: GWT and Maven - Playing Nicely Together Since 2008
"StudyBlue is an academic social networking application, built with GWT, that helps students study smarter, faster. To manage the build process during the development of their application, the StudyBlue team uses the Maven build system. Chris Klundt and Hicham Bouabdallah from StudyBlue have kindly dropped by to share their tips on getting GWT and Maven to play nicely together."
By Sumit Chandel, on Monday, May 04, 2009

RIA Discussion: Maven and Flex Builder tutorial (Part I)
"I'm a user of both Maven and Flex Builder for several years now. Several times, I was wondering how we could use those two technologies together and in parallel. So I started to "google" and found an interesting article by Sebastien Arbogast about the subject."
By Jeff Maury, on Friday, September 26, 2008

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