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Welcome to the weekly roundup of blog posts that mention Nexus, Maven, and other projects that Sonatype developers contribute to.

DZone: Maven Repository Nexus Pro Upgrades to 1.4
"The newly announced 1.4 version of Nexus Professional, a Maven repository manager, introduces a full plugin model with improved capabilities."
October 28, 2009

Nexus Maven Repository Manager Users List: Nexus 1.4.0 Released
"Nexus 1.4.0 has been released. This was a rather substantial release, and contains a lot of new functionality and bug fixes."
October 28, 2009

Mosabuam: Company Super POM – A Maven Practice
"Soon after the initial install of Maven you will hopefully like it and use it on a bunch of projects. You will notice that there are a bunch of things in the POM that are the same from project to project. Normally that is where the concept of a company or organisation POM appears. On the other hand internally Maven always uses the Super POM as well. Once multiple projects are involved things quickly get confusing, so lets look at this a bit closer and then get to my hybrid approach of a Company Super POM."
By Manfred Moser, on 29 Oct 2009

Eric Hauser’s Blog: ant2maven: Easy migration from Ant to Maven with Nexus
"In the scope of a much larger project I am working on, I needed to convert a large number of Ant builds to Maven. Having done this in the past, I know that it is certainly a tedious process – particularly regarding depending resolution. So, I decided to make an attempt at scripting that process and ant2maven was born..."
By Eric Hauser, on October 26, 2009

Antonio Goncalves' Blog: Because I always forget how to use maven-ear-plugin
"Sometimes you write a blog to express an idea, to ask some feedback from the community, to share a very nice trick… or because you always forget something and want to write it down so you can remember later on. That’s the reason of this post. I never remember how to use the maven-ear-plugin, so I’m writing it down."
By Antonio Goncalves, on October 23, 2009 Exploring Maven 3 with John Ferguson Smart
"John Ferguson Smart's new article and his latest blog post both investigate aspects of the upcoming Version 3 of Apache Maven. Maven, in case you're not familiar with it, is a "software project management and comprehension tool." At the core of Maven's application to a specific software project is the project object model (POM). The POM file provides information on the basic structure of the project, and enables Maven to manage a project's build, reporting, and documentation. It's all about automating tasks that once required a lot of repetitious keystrokes by developers, QA teams, and others."
By, on October 22, 2009

electric-monk: Faster Development with JRebel
"I'm going to walk through the steps I took to get JRebel working with maven and Intellij 8 since I ran into a few snags along the way. But first, I should explain why bother install it all. JRebel is a great tool that promises to increase your productivity in Java by enabling all sorts of HotSwaps not normally allowed by the JVM."
By Pete, on October 16, 2009

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